Walmart brand canning jars (Mainstay)

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  1. TexasMama

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    I was just in our local Walmart and they have their own brand of canning jars too. The pints were $7.47, the quarts were $7.97 and I don't remember what the next size up was - I want to say $8.47 but it might have been more.

    I bought a case of the pints to try - I'm too broke till next payday to buy more than that.
  2. thenance007

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    I always try to buy the Mainstays--they are even cheaper than that here. They work fine, only problem I've had is sometimes some of the rings are dented and I'm afraid to use them--but I have a gazillion rings, so it isn't a problem. Walmarts around here only carry regular mouth quarts and pints and they run out often, so when I see them I stock up a couple cases.

  3. neldarez

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    I bought some of walmarts brand also but in turning over the box saw they were made in China.......stopped buying them. Also I had 2 break in the canner and they seem to take up more room also. I know I have to buy stuff from china some of the time, but on jars, I don't.
  4. kejmack

    kejmack Texas!!!

    Don't buy Mainstays. They are made in China. Invest in good old Mason jars. Your preps depend on a proven, safe jar.

    If you need to save money on jars, look on Craigslist or your local PennySaver paper for jars. You can meet the person in a safe location to get the jars. I have gotten lots and lots of jars this way.
  5. DJgang

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    Nope, I don't buy them at all. My mom has and the strange thing is, I can't fit as many pints in my canner as I can Ball jars. :nuts: I think they are shaped just a little different.
  6. PrepN4Good

    PrepN4Good BORN PESSIMIST; we are doomed

    Same here, I only buy Kerr & Ball, made in the good ol' USA. :)
  7. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    Mason, Ball, Kerr here too.
    I also buy China when I have to to save money, but broken glass and spoiled foods are not worth a dollar or two per dozen savings.
  8. ContinualHarvest

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    I try to buy American when I can. The only problem with a few "American" manufacturing companies is that the company is actually a subsidiary of a multinational corporation or an American company that hires illegals under the table, instead of an American citizen because they don't want to pay a living wage.
    Look at the meat packing industry as one example.
  9. Dixie

    Dixie Well-Known Member

    Mason, Kerr and Ball here too. I looked at MainStays but they seemed thinner to me, so I left them. Noticed dents in the rings also.
  10. Jimthewagontraveler

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    Unrefrigerated potato chip dip in the potato chip isle.
    15 oz jars reusable wide mouth pop top lids.
    I have some I have used 5 times
    Nice thick glass.
    And the chili cheese dip makes a great chili dog.