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Walking Stick Self Defense

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One of the unfortunate side effects to living a long life is that your physical capabilities degrade with the onset of age. Many elderly understandably worry about becoming victims of violent attack, realizing that criminals will target the weakest. Regular vigorous exercise can slow the aging process, resulting in a longer period of independence. In the United States, learning to use a cane to defend oneself has become moderately popular amongst senior citizens. Everybody Is 'Cane Fu' Fighting At Senior Centers, So Watch Out -

Although canes are nothing more than a sturdy walking stick, they are amazingly versatile as a go anywhere, always ready self defense tool. This martial art was most popular during the end of the Victorian Era, when it was considered fashionable for men to carry a walking cane. A fine manual can be found here, The "Walking Stick" Method of Self Defense written by a British Indian Police officer in 1923. These methods were picked up by Major W.E. Fairbairn in 1941 and widely taught to intelligence operatives of Britain's SOE and the American OSS during WWII.

Military Police veterans who received training in use of the long riot baton will find these combatives quite familiar.

191-376-4121 (SL1) - Use a Riot Baton (
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I'm not a gun person so I have a michetti(sp?), which is very sharp and a walking stick at each door. l am not afraid to grab the walking stick and hit someone in the face with it or poke an eye out!
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