Walking Dead Bug Out Locations

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    Once your BOL is decided I will be looking for trains. Trains carry everything and are fairly easy to secure. Just open the doors on the cars till you find something useful, fill up on what you can, return to BOL, repeat as needed.
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    for food: if you get it within the first day or so or if its winter a butcher shop would be a great source of meat also a lot of butchers do snack sticks jerkey ect and would prob have already proccesed meat waiting to be picked up

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    As far as BOL I would stay in my current home due to its remote location and stored goods with an underground shelter I will be building shortly...my family lives nearby and my land meets up to 27,000 acres of national forest that isn't easily accessible except thru my property...as far as supplies I would hit up the local lumber yard for lumber, tools, seeds, fertilizer, vending machines, fishing supplies, hunting supplies, ammo, propane, fencing, and fuel...Atv and car dealerships for coffee, vehicles, vending machines, batteries and fuel...railroad track intersections for solar panels...boat dealers for fuel and generators...and local pharmacies for medical supplies...ordinary citizens outside the prepper world will never think abt the need for antibiotics and medical supplies that a pharmacy holds
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    Since I am a Merchant Marine ,of course I think ship.Food enough for a crew of usually 43 for 120 days plus shelter,power, toliets,fuel, and you can make your own water.You have a laundry ,plenty of beds etc.You just need enough people who can run the darn thing:) I'm in luck,my son and nephew are both MM too and work in the engineroom.I just need a Captain to get us to open water!After awhile we could dock and still live on the ship and offer shelter for land to harvest our own food.
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    Well lucky for u I'm a licensed wheel man...also a merchant mariner...
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    Less than 30 minutes from my BOL is a closed Army ammunition plant. There are a few businesses around what is the old HQ's area. There are multiple ammo bunkers with security fencing that are still in good shape. Another plus is that the base is located on a large lake. Ammo bunkers would be great to hold of Mutant Biker Zombies and you can use boats to collect supplies. You can acess a river from the lake that will take you to several medium size towns and mulitple small towns.
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    I would be carefull with old military bunkers my father was a contracter and was hired to work in old bunkers he and one other person is dead now and the third is sick they all got Nero diseases from whatever was stored in there . Of coarse the government won't take any blame
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    Click the "Enter the Map" and then find a locaiton and keep zooming in. To find a small local gun shop I had to zoom way in. On the "wide" zoomed out view you only see stuff like targets and walmarts. Make note now of what's around you... so when the zombies arise and the internet goes down you're not stuck.

    I zoomed in to about a half mile by a quarter mile view for an area near me. Within there I have one gun shop, 6 food sources and only one is obvious, 1 clinic, 1 vet, 2 pharmacies, 1 dentist, 1 eye center, 1 chiropractor and three gas stations. Of course I'm counting the gas station as also a food source since most have a quickie mart.

    Most food facilities rely on JIT. I would not expect more than a few days to a week's worth of food. Of course that might be a few days of food for 1000 which would be a good find as long as it isn't mostly perishable.

    First off I'd consider stuff like warehouse parks. They're usually not in population areas and could have a wide range of assorted supplies if they haven't been hit yet.

    A railroad yard might be another interesting option.... lots of cars and containers and tankers. As long as you can figure out what's in them you should have a lot to work with. Most decent yards have a yard tower that sits up a bit too and would make a good OP for someone with a scope or binoculars. As long as you have a supply of good fuel the engine and a few cars could be quite useful for going on scavening raids. Railway lines go through cities and short of blowing the tracks, not much is going to stop a locomotive. Chances are there will be a repair shop with cranes and lots of heavy duty tools, great for retrofitting the engine and some cars with armor, gun mounts, etc. Again, as long as fuel lasts you could pretty easily "commute" to the country too for scavenging crops, livestock and such. I'm going out on a limb here but I would imagine a decent diesel mechanic, reasonably easy to find, can probably keep them running... not sure where you can find a nuclear technican to keep that carrier running! :)
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    FWIW, I'm guessing that individuals enter in the locations? Whoever does it, at least for my area, sucks at it. Very inaccurate locations, with some off by up to 3/4 of a mile, and many not listed. I think that one could do better with Google Earth.
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    Good idea.
    Unfortunately the only train that still runs through my area only carries coal to the utility plant, and if that converts to natural gas as planned, there'll go the last of our trains