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    WAG TV

    I am working for a television production company in the UK called Wag TV. We are conducting research for a program about people living in remote areas of the USA.

    I am hoping to speak with people who might be looking to more in to a more secluded or remote environment of the USA. Maybe setting up their own mini community or home in challenging or sparsely populated territories. I am hoping to find people living alternative lifestyles or working in alternative jobs in challenging or unusual circumstances. Maybe being self-sufficient or opting out of main stream society or just simply branching out to live a more secluded life style.

    For example it would be great to speak with people who have decided to live off the grid, Families or groups who are looking to set up their own communities in remote parts of the desert or similar challenging environments. Or people who already live in these areas I want to find interesting and engaging stories or lifestyles.

    If anyone is interested in contacting me about their plans or current living situation I would be pleased to hear from them at email:

    [email protected].

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    I live way off in the remote country on solar and wind. Is this what your looking for ?