Vigilant Guard On U.S. South Border - High Alert for July 4th, 2011

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    Vigilant Guard On U.S. Southern Border on High Alert for July 4th, 2011

    I just received this information from my contact source who communicates with the group called Vigilant Guard. Vigilant Guard is a group (large group) of concerned citizens who are preparing for what they deem an inevitable confrontation with forces south of the U.S. Southern Border. The believe that there is a threat of those forces crossing over in the near future. Read the rest of the report at this link. Vigilant Guard On U.S. Southern Border on High Alert for July 4th, 2011
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    Their already here ruling over us,changing our laws ,culture,religian and language,so whats new?:confused:

    The untouchables who don't need IDs,drivers license or insurence.Who get all the benefits we can provide for them.

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    Is there a source to see any photos of the ALLEDGED sightings of the Chinese Z9 helicopters?
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    I also would like to see photos.
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    OK, so who is going to invade? Chinese, drug lords or incompetent Mexican Military.

    It really gets my goat when folks post unsubstatiated emotionally based information on here and attempt to pass it on as factual information.

    Get some solid, substanciated facts with evidence and present them.

    Where did these folks get information that 78% of National Guard troops will be cut. National Guard Units are controlled by each Governor. So collectively the Governors of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California have collaberated to make this 78% cut?

    All communication went down with the alledged sightings of the Chinese Z9 helicopters? Assuming that these spotters were in the US, why are there no reports by civilians in the area of communications going down? Just give us one documented case to back this claim up.

    The post says that I can go online to take a look for myself about the two alledged sightings in Arizona and New Mexico. Where is the link to where I can find this evidence?

    Why would someone post this type of schitt on here without being able to back it up?

    I'm getting a little tired of folks posting this type of stuff just to get people stirred up for no reason.

    Provide some solid substaniated FACTS and I will gladly eat crow.
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    Sounds like someone has a very active imagination. One of the reasons the group thinks something might happen is because the stock market was down for two days. If this is a reason to think we will be invaded they will always be scared.
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    Either a very active imagination or smoking some pretty good stuff. Can you say "Puff the Magic Dragon"?
  9. Meerkat

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    Power and Farmer,why is it that you to hit on and ridicule every thread or reply about our wide open borders?

    Whats your gig with the illegals that make you attack so fiecely me and anyone else who speaks out against the criminals?

    Have a disagreement with the MinuteMen?I know Bush hated them enough to call them Vigilanties but whats your reason for protecting them?

    I was a 'Minute Woman'haha for awhile,how ya like them apples?
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    My Dearest Meerkat,

    Did you even bother to read the link in the original post? Did this original post have anything to do with Illegal Aliens? Again, I go back to my comments on another thread about your obsession with illegals. You need help my friend--I feel sorry for you.

    Now, don't go trying to highjack this thread.

    My comments are asking the original poster to provide credible evidence to the emotionally charged article linked in the post. If you had any cllue, you would have seen that.

    I will not be responding to anymore of your madness or sickness in this thread. I would hate to see you highjack another thread to suit your sick and twisted thoughts.

    Love ya

  11. power

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    Sorry if I have done anything wrong. Many of your post are so out there that someone should say something.

    Take a few minutes to research the minutemen. You will see why you haven't heard much out of them in the last few years. Seems like the founder and everyone they have put in charge has ran away with all the money they collected. They also have very strong ties with skin heads. Many have criminal backgrounds. They are a very poor choice to use as an example against illegals.

    Please take a little more time and research. Take a little time and look at things from more than one view. What you find might surprise you very much.

    Open borders is not something new. They have always been that way ever since there were borders. They are open for a reason. Some research will give you some idea why. A hint might be while many presidential candidates promise to close the border and get rid of illegals they change their mind if they are elected.

    The money being spent on border control today could close the border tight enough that a mouse couldn't get across if we choose to do that. With some research you could find out why that is so. We choose to have an open border.
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    Frugal, without getting into a big cat fight here, might I respectfully suggest that perhaps you are over reacting just a wee bit?

    I never heard of The Strong Watchmen, and the Chinese helicopters report seems a bit farfetched, unless..........did the Mexican military buy choppers from the Chinese? I don't know. Do you?

    When you state, "It really gets my goat when folks post unsubstatiated emotionally based information on here and attempt to pass it on as factual information", you have to admit that many of the fears we discuss here are "unsubstantiated" and "emotially based". I've done it many times on this forum when I have expressed the possibility of a new age "Spanish Flu" or an EMP that could throw us all back into the stone age.

    While I think our southern border is ridiculously, disgracefully and downright criminally pourous, I personally believe that an "invasion" in the traditional sense anytime soon is about as likely an avalanch in Tahiti. But I also suspect that when I've posted my (unsubstantiated???) concerns about the very real possibility of a catastrophic pandemic, many forum folks were polite enough to not call me crazy even tho they might think I am. :)

    Lots of folks on this forum posted "unsubstantiated" fears about the Japanese nuke meltdown before it went public -- and they were right.

    What I'm suggesting is that perhaps it's a good thing that folks on this forum feel free to air their fears and let us each -- individually -- decide what is worthy of our stomach acid and what is not.
  13. Meerkat

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    The truth is always out there in a land of appeasers and complacent sheep.Then you have those who will trade secutity for freedom.We are all losing both.

    You are right about one thing ,that few really give a damn about the borders.

    I am now the odd one out because most people run in cliques .

    Every single issue that is discussed to death won't matter once we lose our votes and and nation to those who come to change.The name of the game is NUMBERS.
  14. watchman220

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    If I had some photos to give you I would. I can not ask any one of you to believe what I say without proof. I have reasons for not posting pictures or specific details. Mostly because I do not have them.

    The information comes from reliable sources that I can not reveal to you. The information is also somewhat conjecture. You are correct that it is unsubstantiated by any reasonable measure that a reasonable person would desire.

    If I revealed my sources...can you imagine what would happen to them? Yes perhaps they are scared to reveal themselves...but they are also wise to not reveal themselves with photos that could place their position or affiliation with a particular type of law enforcement or military unit.

    I am sorry that I can not provide more detailed info...and I do not ask you to buy it all hook line and sinker. I merely provide this information for those of us who are "survival" minded, because we can all smell that something rotten is going on behind the scenes.

    Well I have people behind the scenes feeding me this info...that can not be revealed because:

    1. They could get into a lot of trouble for rocking the politically correct boat.
    2. The would no longer be able to report information from a close proximity and we would all be the worse off.

    I recommend that you prepare for any possibility...and be at the ready. I am not asking anything else. The report will prove or disprove itself...and frankly I hope it is wrong. I am not ready for it...yet.

    Thanks for trying to understand.

  15. Frugal_Farmers

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    Horseman, No need to worry about getting into a big cat fight with me. I always enjoy good stimulating discussion/debate about those "what if" type scenarios that get us all thinking about preparations.

    I have extensive experience as a contingency/wartime planner and exercise planner/evaluator. My mind is geared towards developing those "what if" scenarios.

    The difficullty for me is when someone throws information out to a group with highly charged emotion and attempts to convince people that this is factual information. And to even push the issue when asked for validation and hide behind the lack of evidence by claiming they can not reveal their sources because it could jeopardize them.

    Just give me one solid fact and I could make determination on my own, but genaric scary information doesn't work for me. I have been down that road far too many time over the years.

    Now as far as other scenarios such as pandemic, EMP,total economic meltdown, etc... I am all for good discussion on how to prepare for these type scenarios. Just don't try to pump information up my backside claiming that you have inside information without being able to validate this information.

    I knew a guy who claimed to be a former Navy Seal. He prided himself on telling everybody stories of his Navy Seal adventures and everyone praised him for being a hero. When I first met him and he started his BS claims with me, I began to ask some very pointed questions. When I pushed him hard, he always claimed the details of those missions were classified. Some of his stories were really far fetched, but I kept pushing him. Little did he know that I had first hand experience in the community. He was later exposed as the fraud that he was.

    Sometimes things are not as they appear. Today I try to deal with facts.

    Like I said, if you sell me a what if scenario, we can discuss that until the cows come home, but don't attempt to blindlly me into believing fantasy.
  16. Frugal_Farmers

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    Watchman, Again I go back to my orginal questions. The article you posted a link to has many unanswered questions.

    You have posted it here with the assumption that this information came to you "first hand" from a reliable, inside source.

    I am just looking for some CREDIBLE intelligence from this covert source of yours.

    1. Who is proposed to come across the border? The Chinese? Are the Chinese working in collaberation with the Mexican Army? Please advise.

    2. Funding for Operation COPPER CACTUS has been extended to allow troops to stay in place until September. The original mission would have expired at the end of this month. If you have any evidence that these troops are still being withdrawn from the border, please advise.

    3. Can you point me to any other eyewitness accounts to the helicopter sightings or the loss of communications in these areas?

    All I am asking is just one single credible account to back up these claims. That is called credible intelligence.
  17. Jimmy24

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    I have to agree. I have no such training as you FF, but can't find anything that says "What happened and WHO is it we are to watch for???" Is it the Chinese? Mexican Cartel? Mexican government? WHO?? Is it to reclaim Texas? What is the question....

  18. Frugal_Farmers

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    Haven't heard any update from you my friend.

    I have taken the liberty to do a little research myself.

    Please see the link below:

    AS 565 Duaphin/Panther

    The link describes the Eurocopter AS 565 Dauphin/Panther. If you have never seen a Chinese built (Harbin) Z-9, but only a photo, you will see a stricking simularity.

    It just so happens that the Mexican Navy has several of these airframes in their inventory.

    I would ask could it be possible that if your confidential sources did, in fact, see a helo in the border region of the US, perhaps they saw the Eurocopter AS 565 in lieu of a Harbin Z-9.
  19. Meerkat

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    Whow,sounds scairy:eek:.Since I can't pull up most web pages,I'll just say whats the Naplotano doing about it?Oh thats right the new border guard is or was a member of LARAZA.Google it.

    We are being led by the enemy from all fronts and rears.

    Giddy up One Trick,we got work to do.:shtf:
  20. CulexPipiens

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    Not sure I want to wade in on this one... but here it goes.

    With our highly advanced radar and imaging satellites we should see this coming long before it happens. You can't mass troops on a border without being seen. Heck, with Google maps I could see if there were tanks parked south of the border. (yes, I know google maps isn't real time but you get my point).

    IF there were to be an invasion 2 possibilities.

    1) Gov sees the massing and sends a bunch of our troops south. Anyone seen any mass troop movement? Any sudden and rapid recall from overseas? Something like "We're pulling 1/2 our troops out and doing it over the next 2 weeks." The politically motivated slow withdrawl recently announced is not it.

    2) Gov has seen the troops and is in collaboration so they're not going to do anything and let them come in and take/do what they want. IMO, highly unlikely. Not out of the realm but definitely fringe thinking.

    So, if there is any legitimacy to the "secret source(s)", you need to put it in the context of either #1 or #2 above and decided which is the likely response which would either lend credence or debunk the "insider" info.