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    Yea things are definately out of whack. I bet we can find out what Lindsay Lohan had for lunch though.

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    It's kind of surprising the media isn't plastering this in our faces, given the hysteria over saving the animals.

    I guess they're too busy "saving" the wolves and grizzly bears.
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    Aside from the first pictures of those two birds wallowing in the oil on the beach, I have seen no other MSM pictures of the devastation. Sure, there are some stock photo’s that they show all the time but not a lot of variety.

    What makes me wonder is in all the diagrams of where the oil is now, like a satellite picture but drawn, is the oil never really seems to move. There is a big area around the rig and some spotty splotches on the shore but that’s it. Yeah, around the rig it fluctuates but never really gets larger anymore. Heck, with the currents, winds and a million gallons a day coming out that slick should be half the size of the gulf by now and spreading towards Florida, the keys and rounding to the east coast!

    I know the Corexit crap makes it sink into the water column and not be visible from above. But, can they really spraying that much of the toxic crap around to dissipate that much oil???
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    I truly hope they are right. My state's future depends on the Almighty Tourist Dollar, and that has been sorely threatened lately. I also don't cotton to the idea of losing our fresh local seafood.

    But I can't help the idea that the Corexit toxin has done it's work well - "Out of sight, out of mind" - the stuff is designed to break the oil into smaller droplets and SINK it. So it may still be DOWN there somewhere, laced with neurotoxic nastiness, to eventually come up upon some unsuspecting beach....... :dunno:
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    well, I'm putting MY $$$ where my mouth is & looking into gulf business investments (my instincts were pretty spot-on with the Ford stock after all) that I am planning onto leveraging into collateral for land ownership, which I will then use to purchase my "Fortress of Solitude"... now it's just a game of "Beat the (Armageddon) Clock"...
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    A few weeks ago the press was reporting there was an oil spill the size of Kansas in the gulf, three weeks after that they were saying that it had all be cleaned up, evaporated or disbursed. I have an oil stain in my parking lot that has been there for a year, probably from 1 quart of oil. I am ammazed that something that large could be gone so fast. Has anyone bothered to look at 2000-3000 ft. deep to see what's hovering around down there? Due to Achhemedies Principal I think there's more below the surface than we can see.