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I have 2 pairs. I bought my first pair for a martial arts class instead of wrestling shoes. Loved them so much I bought a second pair. The first pair are the smooth bottom design and the others are the treaded kind. I love them both. I have jogged in them and sparred full contact in gravel in them. They suck to walk long distances in however. I did a walk america type thing and my feet have never hurt so bad. Running, you are on your toes, but walking you tend to heel strike. I have aging knees, not that I like to admit it, and I'd run in them before I'd ever go for a long walk in normal shoes as the reduction in impact is THAT noticeable.
I have heard that Merrell is coming out with some shoes that they have collaborated with Vibram on that uses the same material for the sole, but has a normal toe design to accomiate more feet shapes / folks that hate stuff between their toes. That's unsubstantiated, just hear say from some friends.

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