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What I do when I process my meat is to keep cool running water flowing over the meat, washing it continously while I cut-n-package. All my meat that is going to be ground also goes through that process.

With that being said, my buger-patties are hand-made (of course, eh) and what I do is:

1 pound of ground meat
2 eggs
toasted bread-crumbs (made from bread-ends normally) - how much? I go by feel where it is no longer sticking to much to my hands
Sprinkles of:
Carawray (about 2 tsp), RedPepper seeds (about 1 tsp), basil (about 1/2 tsp), powdered sage, and whatever else I feel like at the moment.

Then it comes down to mixing it all in a stainless bowl by hand till it looks / feels right and then place on the BBQ ...
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