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    I'm interested in advertising on this website. I own a small company that sells Non-Hybrid Survival Vegetable Seeds. Our seeds are all non-hybrid and are packed in a heat sealed Mylar Bag. Our prices are very reasonable, we sell 27 Varieties of Seeds for only $44.99 with Free shipping, and our 37 Variety for $54.99 also Free shipping. Our website is Survival Vegetable Seeds 27 Varieties Non Hybrid Seeds Please let me know how much you charge for a banner ad.
    Thank you,
    Lorrie Delmotte
    Survival Vegetable Seeds 27 Varieties Non Hybrid Seeds
    [email protected]
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    You have found the extent of it as we have no vendor show case. Preppers who are interested will explore your thread. Personally I enjoy heirloom seeds and have already planted for this year. I haven't considdered putting any away. I am concerned about seeds whose origins are from China.:eek:

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    First, I'm a noob here so entirely qualified to say Hi! :wave:

    and not much else. I'll say that any sensible prepper wants to be friends with the seed folks, and the more you do to offer links to multiple resources, on your site, the more friendly traffic and community support you'll get.

    Hook up the uninformed with heirloom seed savers, offer a contact point and pep rally for the whole idea. Let people swap seeds on your site, and offer advice on storage & harvesting..

    you won't get rich, you will make lots of friends and stay busy, and you won't go broke easily either.

    We NEED a seed company with a co-ops attitude.. and will support anything that looks like it, *IN MY OPINION* and in no way representing anybody. ;)