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    Hi guys! & Gals! Would like to intoduce myself. I,m in the west coast of canada B.C. I'm a 40 yr old single guy that is trying to be self reliant. Have way too many hobbies :D that needs to focus more on prioritys. ;) Have 5 ac at my disposal mostly grass, soon to change. have a unfinished WFO, chicken coop, many fruit trees (learning to can) veggie garden newby, bee hive under construction, ......list goes on! Have cruised your site often very impressed with the members and valuable content on here:congrat: hopfully i can contribute in some ways. As i seem to always learn new things here. I don't have anybody who seems the need to prep for any emergencies in my local area incl my family and friends. I get the :nuts:look when i try to open eyes to these unstable times, so it will be nice to talk to people that are on the same mindset as myself without feeling like im not a few bricks shy of a pallet. See you in the boards!
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    Hello & Welcome.:wave:

    Come on in and sit a spell. :)

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    Everyone here is a few bricks short of a pallet. You'll fit right in. :welcome:
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    WELCOME,:welcome: Airsoft Infadel from a long time preparer.:peep: Look forward to your replies and posts.
    And Joe, you speak for yourself...were did I put that brick.:gaah::D
  5. Jason

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    Welcome aboard. We're happy to have you.
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    Hello and :welcome: Looking forward to your posts. Visited Vancouver Island once... very beautiful, good memories.