using cash instead of bankcard or cc

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  1. MaryV

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    Its occurring to me, (maybe I am just paranoid about our govt, not sure) to use cash when buying up any large amount of food, just so no one knows that I have bought up so much of it. I know that at this present time it doesnt matter if I buy with cc or bank card or cash, but it could be that in some near future time, if food shortages are here, the govt could maybe go looking for those who have large food stores to confiscate it. maybe like I say i am just getting paranoid. but I have started useing cash when I shop as much as possible. also I go in the store, buy some, take it outside to the car, go back in, get some more, I do that when I am buying a large amount of one thing that is on sale.
    cash cant be traced yet, unless its large bills.
    one day they will take our cash so that they can control us totally...but then we can still barter, lol...
  2. River Rafter

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    Cash is a great idea, especially given that identy theft is on the rise. If the bad guy gets your credit card number, bank account number, etc... it won't be pretty.

  3. Canadian

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    I pay for almost everything with cash. I usually have a whole bunch in my wallet just in case I need to buy something expensive. I also keep a bunch in the safe in case there's a power failure and all the bank machines stop working. That way I can still buy things.

    During the Toronto black out my relatives all ran out of money because they don't keep cash. They couldn't buy food because all the supermarkets would only take cash. I was just fine. I had enough on me to keep me going for a week or two if I needed to stretch it.

    I don't like anyone being able to trace my transactions except me. The people I buy from love cash. I get all kinds of discounts and extras when I show up with lots of cash. That's the magic of cash. I only have one credit card which I need for business. My bank card only gets used at the bank to get cash out.

    Cash opens a lot of doors. People will even sell you items they don't show to normal customers. They'll let you in when the place is full, save you a special parking spot, load your boxes for you, lend you things, or do the occasional job for free. I love cash.
  4. mona

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    I pay for my ammo with cash.
  5. UncleJoe

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    Ditto. No paper trail here!
  6. dukman

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    All of those "card saver programs" really have my paranoid side freaked out sometimes... Even if you pay cash, they can track your sales. Costco cards too... Someone SOMEWHERE knows what you are buying....

    At least I can use my parents phone numbers when I buy from the grocery stores :D
  7. 10101

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    All kiding aside, cash is king! Everything is tracked and recorded (forever) when you purchase with any type of electronic payment. The alphabet boys (fbi, nsa, cia, atf, get the idea) create patterns in which they scan the system for potential "patriot act suspects"

    Just incase you don't know what "patriot act" stands for.... here it is.
    Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act.

    I find that the heavy duty aluminum foil (for grilling) is the best material to make a tin foil hat out of:p
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  8. pills

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    Make sure the shiny side is out on the tinfoil to properly reflect. If shiny in it penetrates and locks it it.

    I use a mixture of CC and cash depending on the circumstance.
  9. Canadian

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    It also seals in your virginity permanently.
  10. doc66

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    I have gotten away from carrying a credit or bank card. If I don' have the cash in my pocket, I don't buy it. I used to do this in my 20's and then I got married and into the credit debit cycle. Now that I'm out of one, I'm trying to get out of the other. I have about five years to being credit card debit free... I'll never do that agian.

    It's a good idea to never get started, it's a better idea to get out while you can.
  11. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    It's shocking how much debt people are carrying. My wife's biological father is around 65 and has two mortgages on his crappy house. I'm not sure if the intends on working until he's 80 or what. In few years he'll be pretty much screwed. His wife does not work and supporting them both with two mortgages and no retirement fund looks bleak.
  12. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I have a credit-card only for necessary use. I refuse to "live" off of my credit card and will never take a "cash-loan" on it. I will use my debit-card (interact) or cash depending on the size and type of purchase. I don't normally carry sufficient cash to buy a full-tank of gas for my GMC pickup, but, will have enough cash for a visit to the local pub for a burger-n-brew or to the corner store for odds-n-ends.

    Groceries are normally paid-for by debit-card - my average visit costs me between $150 and $200 to replenish stock-piles and $50 - $75 for fresh-top-ups (fresh vegies / fruits / etc). Now that summer is kicking in, the farmer's market next-door to my metal-shop is about to open again and I will visit them with cash for my fresh goodies.
  13. sailaway

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    Cash and Credit cards

    A mixture of both works for me. I use cash for Ammo and other things I don't want traced, then I use credit cards for points for free Home Depot Gift Cards or Cabelas Points. Home Depot is going to provide the materials for a free cabin if I can find the right land. Cabelas gets my out door gear for free. I also like telling the cashiers when I check out that I am building up points for free guns. Some of them really like hearing that. I always pay my cards off when they are due.:eek:
  14. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    I've never been a fan of the "points" thing. I simply pay cash and try to establish a good relationship with local family run businesses. That's how I get my discounts. Like most people I do often end up at the big box store. Kind of unavoidable sometimes.

    In Canada we have a store called Canadian Tire and they print their own money. It's actually printed at the Canadian Mint where our real money comes from. Some people save up piles of it and buy a new generator or snow blower. I personally don't like Canadian Tire money as I find it annoying to keep track of. The denominations range from 5 cents up to several dollars.

    They always give me some when I shop there and instead of keeping it they have a box by the door where it can be donated to a local charity. I just put mine in there.
  15. Chemechie

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    Cash is king

    I too use a mix of cash and credit. I ALWAYS pay my bill off every month, sometimes more often. I use cash for purchases I don't want traced and am thinking about using it more.
    Like mentioned earlier, with a crisis or blackout, ATMs/ banks will likely be closed or busy - I am building up to enough cash on hand for at least a weeks normal expenses or enough cash to bug out to family 600 miles away in case of a local crisis/ disaster (storms, unrest, etc).
    I have traveled all over the US and the world and it has been the very rare place that does not take cash.
  16. LittleFire

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    Been doing it myself as well, to get rid of the debt load and something my parents always told me... if you don't have the cash, you don't buy. Sadly my ex-husband was a credit card, loan etc fool and I'm slowly paying it all back and getting back on how I was 20 yrs ago before meeting him!

    Another good thing I have started with this topic, is staying away from restaurants where I can save even a lot more and be healthier. Where I live we have this discount by Chamber of commerce program and if you show your debit card or credit card with that little sticker you can get discount pricing at stores or restaurants. Makes you pull it out and use! No more for me!
  17. Von Helman

    Von Helman A very simple man

    I personally find by only using cash even ever out an about that I tend not to over spend and make sure I only get what I really need. I have actually ended up saving more money over the years simply by going all cash.

    For me it has nothing to do with wanting to keep my purchases and activity private but I have to admit it is a benefit of using cash. Today however the government is now requiring many businesses to report people who use cash to purchase certain items including Tattoos if they are of any symbol that the government has listed as one their “watch list” such as the Gladson Flag.
  18. set2survive

    set2survive Active Member

    Von Helman, what law requires this? Do tell us more please.
  19. UncleJoe

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    I have a friend that has his own landscape biz. His cc has a $25,000 balance on it. :eek: He pays it down to about $10,000 during the busy season, then lives on it over the winter. :confused: It's a vicious cycle that's hard to get out of.
    On a positive note; I did convince him to start a garden this year. He was so thrilled with the fresh produce, he's going to expand next year.
    One small step at a time.
  20. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    We use a mix of cash and debit card. Never credit card. We had 4 cc's with balances on them and over the last 2 years have returned 3 to a zero balance. One to go which will ake about another year. Next March the Jeep will be paid for so after that no vehicle payments for a while.