USGI 1qt canteens?

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  1. PS360

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    I’ve got three of them all of them are used; so I want to sanitize them well because who knows what kind of diseased backwasher used them last.

    I read about putting soap in them and shaking them, and bleach and shaking them, and boiling them.

    I’m kind of worried about bleach leaving a bad flavor and boiling could melt them.

    What would you guys recommend?

    Another thing how can I tell if they’re USGI they all look the same but are made by different manufactures?
  2. DJgang

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    I think that I would just use a small amount of bleach and very warm water, almost boiling, let it sit over night and do it again.

  3. *Andi

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    Baking soda and a little hot water ... :D

    does wonders ...
  4. mosquitomountainman

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    The plastic canteens pick up all kinds of odors so you have to be reall careful about what you put in them. I never worried about disinfecting mine because I often end up using water purification tablets and I figure that kills anything found within.
  5. sailaway

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    I bought one of those plastic ones at the Army Navy Store the other day and my security chief chewed it up.:( I'm going back to metal.
  6. PS360

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    Yeah one of mine smells like grape coolaid, I did get it for 25 cents though, and if I need to use it in a survival situation I won't care.
  7. Davo45

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    I have 4 of them with 3 cups as well as 3 of the G.I. 2 Qt. canteens in addition to 2 camelbaks still have to get another of those for my wife. I bought the G.I. canteens new, but 1 of the camelbaks was used. I used a few drops of clorox with almost boiling water then let it sit overnight before draining it and giving it a warm water & baking soda treatment. Drained it and rinsed it out twice before using it. My son used it during summer band camp and since on some hunting trips together. There's no after taste from the cleaning process used.

    Hope that helps.
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  8. Bigdog57

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    The plastic taste reduces with usage. I hit mine occasionally with a bit of bleach - no problem. A couple of rinses takes all the bleach away. Been using them on my motorcycle for six years.
  9. ModernDaySpartan

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    +1 This is very similar to what we did in the Marine Corps. In boot camp especially all we did was put a capful of bleach and hot tap water in them overnight upside down with the cap barely not sealed so that the bleach water would leak out onto the threads. It worked just fine and one of my canteens was dated 1969! :rolleyes: