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    This map shows the progression of unemployment from Jan. '07 through Nov. '09 rather dramatically.
    But don't worry, the economy is basically sound. :rolleyes: :nuts:

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    Wow, I am speachless.
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    Interesting graph, I like it, but I think it isn't quite accurate, other than it is last November. We have several counties in Ohio that are well over 20% unemployment, including the next one over from me. The gubbamint doesn't include people whose benefits have run out. I've been told that they include people in fast food resturants who assemble sandwiches as manufacturing jobs. Construction wont come back until manufacturing does, you can't have one without the other. We can keep going this way as long as China keeps buying our worthless paper. It's sad that the zombies has let a small number of special interests in Washington Destroy our whole economic base so they can profit. I will be laughing when the Chineese realize we are doing to them what we did to the Japaneese in the 1980's when they woke up and realized that their investments in the good ole USA were worthless!:D Realestate had really crashed then!
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    Unemployment is a huge threat to peoples way of life. My son got laid off a week after Christmas(Happy New Year). But found a part time job right away. But its hard for him has 4 daughters. Luckily for him, he lives next door to mom. I got it covered
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    The map isn't as scary as living the experience. We have got to get jobs back into this country. I've written my congress people so many times to try and get the flood of H1B guest workers curtailed and it always falls on deaf ears. We've got to provide incentives for companies to invest in America and American workers. We've got to be THE place to do business. All of our politicians from both parties are so wrong, so doctrinaire, and so far removed from our daily lives that it is truly scary.