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I'm wondering what would be the best containers for long term burial....and don't say a coffin!
Coffins are good! The expense??
What are you burying? Do you need access on occasion?
Like bkt indicated, PVC is a good way to go. Oversize it, so if you need access all you have to do is cut it and stick another cap.

JH, Your quite the windy old bag ain't ya? Just answer the question. Some people on this forum may not have the time to contemplate your rambling.:D

"Did I mention that brass/bronze holds up well underground?!!! "
Yea, it holds up well, but it came frome the ground. Now compare PVC to it. PVC is created with alot of toxic stuff, only man can do that. So we have brass/bronze all natural, compared to PVC all toxic. You know the PVC is going to last longer. What is detrimental will succeed what is right.:)
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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