Under Attack by Ants! Help!

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Grimm, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    I am having a very bad ant invasion in my pantry. They are everywhere in my pantry! Even under the bands of my canned goods!

    Last time we had them in the pantry I cleaned out the entire pantry throwing out all our honey as that was what they were after. My DH caulked the entire pantry and every jar, box and bag was inspected and cleaned before being put back up.

    Since I found them this morning I have had to throw out one package of sugar and put the rest in the freezer until I can seal them in mylar.

    How can I get rid of these pests without poisoning my own food or making my Roo or cats sick? HELP ME, PLEASE!
  2. cowboyhermit

    cowboyhermit Supporting Member

    Do you know what kind they are? We have tons of ants here but they don't bother us in the house. Also buckets of honey with drippings on them and they never seemed interested.
    We use a lot of diatomaceous earth and it works, over time, whether it works well on ants depends but if it is dry it would certainly discourage them over time. We use it as a preventative rather than a cure.
    Have heard of many other non-toxic ant controls like borax and cornmeal but have never needed them so am not sure what actually will work.

  3. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    I have no clue what kind of ants they are. They are small and black. I have experience with fire ants from my childhood in Texas. My dad had to hose me off in the yard once when I played in the empty lot- I was covered in ants and they were biting me.

    These ants have gone after sugar, fruit, meat and water. They love the cats' water fountain and the shower but that's not what bother me. I can't stand they are in my pantry again! That and they had been in our freezer in the garage during the summer.

    I have tried ant stop powder which is just spices ground up as well as toxic sprays. They will not go away for long!

    They are now attacking our kitchen sink which is 100% clean and empty. I even used bleach to clean it!

  4. cowboyhermit

    cowboyhermit Supporting Member

    Wow, sounds rough. I have heard of sugar ants before, maybe that's them.
    Was thinking that they must have a source of water if they live inside but I guess you already figured that out.
  5. Dakine

    Dakine Uber Newbie

    You can kill ants with windex! :) I do it all the time on cooking and food prep surfaces. Simple green will work too but windex and the store brand generic are cheaper.

    Ants leave little invisible (to us) trails that other ants will use to come find them... or so I've heard. So if you spray a bunch, clean up the area they were walking on too. Might help keep their buddies launching search and recovery parties.
  6. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.


    We use a citrus spray to kill them when we see them on the counters. I use bleach sprays to remove the trails but they find a new way to their targets. I want them gone! They are driving me nuts!

    It doesn't help that our property management company just tells us to use raid and refuses to do anything about it! The other families in the building have it just as bad!
  7. Dakine

    Dakine Uber Newbie

    I often get them after it rains, when it stops raining I go outside and spray the door jams, the window seams, all around any external electrical outlets and any breaks in the exterior for things like hose faucets and the dryer vent. All of that stuff that I can reach. It helps but it's not 100% and if you are in a multi family unit then you could be suffering from someone else having external entry points and they are just moving inside the walls to your place.

    Fortunately my neighbor keeps her kitchen even cleaner than I do and they are at opposite ends (duplex house) so cross contamination from her isn't as likely.

    Hmm now that rain did stop for another day, i think I might go outside and reapply the spray barrier on the windows and door jams.
  8. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    You might wanna take a peak at some similar threads here on the board ...


    One thing I learned is that ants will play a game of "follow the leader" to some place that they like. The scout ants will find something, follow their scent back to the nest and give the workers the scent-trail to follow. As long as the nest is outside the house, you would be in some amount of luck.

    Sit quietly and watch the ants for about an hour - you will find that you would be able to watch one or two easily. Follow their movements with your eyes, where they go, how they get there and then you may notice that others are doing something similar.

    Start by cleaning their "path" with a fairly strong scented cleaner like original Windex (what I find works wonderfully) - spray the ants themselves, spray the walls, the floors, into the cracks - spray everything down. Use paper towels to wipe and when they are soaked through, toss them to the side because they will be used again (and again) till they are worn through.

    Use your memory to clean their path at least a few feet to both sides of their primary path - further if possible.

    Now - that is only if it is an outdoor nest.

    For an indoor nest (inside the walls), I like using Raid "garden drops" along their path and not clean their path - you want them to bring the liquid directly to the middle of the nest. Repeat the drops twice a day till you see no more hint of the ants. Any viable eggs in the nest will need to be taken care of later, but, once the signs of the ants are gone, go ahead and clean the entire area with Windex. Picture attached of the Raid ant-killer drops below ..

    I use plastic buckets with GammaSeal lids for all the product that ants and other bugs might like to get into ...

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  9. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    Thanks. I did a search before posting to make sure I didn't post a repeat. Most of what I read was a repeat of what we have been doing.

    I currently have a bait trap in the pantry in the middle of their line where they are coming out of the wall. Once my DH gets home from work I'll start the first line of defense by cleaning up the ants and their trails. I'll make a store run for the drops and see how those work.

    I just found they are getting into the fridge and freezer in the house too! It is driving me insane that they will not stop!

    We may have to move before the lease is up if the management company doesn't fix this! We have never had ants before and they didn't start until the family downstairs moved in...

  10. cengasser

    cengasser Member

    You may have a best under the house or along the foundation. We have ants also, we have used pesticides outside along the foundation but you have to be careful with the Roos and furry ones.
    We once used some termite control that you sprinkled and wet it down. It's dissolves when wet, reducing the chance of the Roos etc getting harmed.
  11. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I take it that you live in an apartment / condo situation?

    If so - the problems could be significantly deeper and could be something that would take professional help (exterminator). Talk to the landlord about your concerns as well. There might be an infestation beyond your little piece of the pie.
  12. SouthCentralUS

    SouthCentralUS Well-Known Member

    Dissolve 2 pounds alum in 3 quarts water. Apply with a brush while hot to every crevice where the vermin harbor.
  13. Magus

    Magus Scavenger deluxe

    Diatenacious earth.non toxic to you or pets, kills ants and roaches fast however!plugs up their little lungs.
  14. Tirediron

    Tirediron RockyMountainCanadian

    Borax mixed with icing sugar works good too
  15. Davarm

    Davarm Texan

    Before I got rid of them in my house a couple years ago, I kept a spray bottle of diluted orange oil, one spray and they curled up and die, when you wipe them up the trail is gone. Left a good smell in the house too.

    The way I finally got rid of them in the house was to kill every hill I found anywhere even near the house. Kill em outside and there's none to come in. Haven't had ants in the house for over 2 years.

    For those of you in the Gulf States, a new species of ant has been making an appearance, "Raspberry Crazy Ant", they dont sting too much but come in in swarms, run around like they are lost and get into food and everything electric.
  16. bahramthered

    bahramthered Well-Known Member

    Caulk doesn't work since they just consider it something to dig through. Chalk does, it's a hard barrier to their chemical senses so they won't cross it. Good temporary weapon.
  17. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member

    We had ant issues last summer and tried pretty much everything. The only thing that truly got the job done was Terro ant killer. First in the house, then at every entry point and then outside. But Terro gets pretty expensive when you use it serious quantities. So my wife found a recipe for making our own Terro using pretty basic ingredients. Worked just as well as the brand name stuff. After a couple week so vigilance our ant issue was gone and we have no had any problems since.

  18. Marcus

    Marcus Texian

    Seems like I remember vinegar and garlic work too.
  19. Dakine

    Dakine Uber Newbie

    I've had very little success with bait traps inside the house, spray is 100% effective but I have pets I don't want exposed to it, so that prevents me from using it, like you.

    They've flocked to my meatloaf jars after canning, but rarely if ever something else that i can think of, but ALWAYS to the meatloaf. ALWAYS!

    SoCal is one GINORMOUS anthill, I do not think they will give you any lee-way at all in even the slightest little bit about breaking your lease, and honestly, I think the neighbor could be purely coincidental. I've been in SoCal full-time since 99 and I can tell you that I can go at least an entire year without seeing ants, and then all of a sudden they're everywhere and I cant get rid of them for months! No rhyme or reason, just PADOW!!! and there they are.

    Good luck! and fwiw, I've also heard as Bahm mentioned that they dont like to cross chalk, and if memory serves they said use the big pieces of chalk that kids or artists use for sidewalk drawings, and just make 3 lines across any route they are trying to take, and it should discourage them.
  20. Gians

    Gians Newbie

    We use to have the same problem almost every year, usually in the winter around the Holidays. We'd get up in the morning they'd be all over the sink or up in the pantry, even on stuff that was sealed tight. We'd put as many open items in the fridge as we could, but they'd find their way up the fridge and a few even managed to get in. When they were really bad I'd vac them up, then clean the floors really good. I'd track where they'd be getting in and try to stop them with various methods...worked sometimes. About the only thing that totally got rid of them was sealing the kitchen up tight so they couldn't get in and cleaning up really good every night(hard to do with kids). Good luck, hope you give em the boot.