Ultimate BOV and trailer?

Discussion in 'Vehicle & Transportation' started by Turtle, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Pretty cool, but I'd need to win the lottery to afford that. :D

  3. TimB

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    Interesting. F550 chassis but I guess all that armor requires it. :eek: Personally, I would prefer manual lock-out hubs and a transfer case w/ a shift lever. Guess I'm just old school but I like it simple. :D
    Trailer is different but I would want something like the Coleman E-3 or this knock-off from Forest River-

    *Discount RV Sales - Metro Atlanta, GA

    Probably other manufacturers have something similar but that's what they sell around here. :) Something like this behind a Jeep or my truck would let me get waaayyy back in the woods if I wanted to (and in relative comfort). :2thumb:

  4. NaeKid

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    Tim - I have the E1 (Evolution E1) trailer. Overall - I am not really pleased with the build-quality of the trailer. I had to re-weld a bunch of the joints, the rivets holding the canvas in place popped free, so they were replaced with stainless-steel nylock nuts and bolts. The weight of the trailer is significant - tongue-weight is insane, it isn't really balanced out very well at all.

    It also doesn't have decent storage space - I had to make a 2" receiver and put it on the back just to haul the outdoor stuff (BBQ, stove, grey-water collector, etc).

    If I could find someone that wanted to buy it, I would probably sell it off and then start the hunt for something else again ...
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    Naekid, sorry to hear about your camper. I've had 3 Coleman pop-ups (2 new and 1 used) over the years and never had a minutes trouble out of them. As far as me buying one, that probably won't happen. :eek: As we progressed thru the years (and campers) , we wound up w/ a 5th wheel camper. Very nice and plenty of room and it spoils the wife rotten. :rolleyes: Problem is unless we are already moved to N. Ga. when TSHTF, I don't believe I'll be trying to tow that big of a trailer if we have to BO. :gaah: