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Ukrainian Warefare. NATO might have some Serious Troubles with There Weapons. (Extreme Cold). Future to maybe. Europe Warfare.

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This is a very specific test.

After water is poured on weapons, some still can not shoot right away, reliability, or have other troubles. Imagine these things happening even time you try to shoot your weapon, to stay alive.

There is already a round in the chamber, to cycle all weapons in this test, to break the water welding, all the moving parts together. Hammering your weapon may be of help. More like lots of knocking your weapon, like some mechanics do to engines sometimes, in movies anyway.

What happens if you need to manually cycle the weapon, to load the first round by hand, if no round was in the chamber? Many more critical weapons malfunctions then. Where you weapon, will not shoot at all. Like during the Vietnam war, where M16 would not work during combat because of being dirty then. In cold weather, once your weapon or mags, etc, get cold outside. They need to stay cold. Or heavy condensation forms, and stays on the weapon. From being in a cabin or whatever and then, all the moist air condenses, on all the metal parts. It's like it has been welded together then. All the moving parts welder together. See if a strong man then, can cycle the weapon, to load one round to shoot. Then seen if he or she can load one more weapon. That should get the point across.

You must let it warm up, and re oil your weapon, I guess with extreme cold lubricants to maybe. You life may depend on this. Rounds may seem to be welder in your mags to. I assume it gets just as cold in the Ukrainian, as it does in Northern Canada, or in Russia.

Even a rattling pump action shotgun does the same thing. Will not shoot because you can not load a round Can see little frozen droplets of water on the barrel of weapon. From being inside a cabin, with warm moist air freezing on it. Needs to be tested out thoroughly. In extreme cold. Shooting your weapon and having water snow melt, and then freeze your weapon solid, like it was welder together, may again cause your weapon to not shoot and get you killed.

Each indivual round may freeze inside your mags once warmed up and condensation forms and them refreezes solid again, once cold again from being outside it stays welder together. Moisture, water is key to this malfunction happening.

Metal mags next to your body in the cold, suck the heat out of you. Even on the outside of your clothing I assume. Like any other metal does. Plastics can become fragile in the cold weather and literally shatter in the cold. May want insulated inserts to put mags in. A liner. You can count how may lives and injuries. That will be prevented with such a thing. Same with a insulated mat to lie on, when on the ground. Etc.

Mags themselves may freeze to weapon and may not be able to be replaced when empty. Can not insert a new mag.
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In a long enough war. Everybody who gets sent to various fronts, is a conscript. Standards as in weeks of training drop to. Seems like the Russians, learned that lesson well. From WW2. Vietnam war movies and such sort of showed such things.

During the Serbian conflict I think it was. NATO ground attack fighters attacked ground forces and such. It was reported later that N.A.T.O. hit mostly decoys. With heat sources in them so they liked like warm engines, or something to thermal optics. Always decoys present, I guess. Russians seem to be digging in. So much harder to attack with infantry. Need big stuff then. Cleared fields of fire and all that. Using those flame throwing vehicles to do that I guess.

So used conscripts to invade, and get hit by Ukraine's assault troops. Lots of hard contact. Pushed in though deeply. That corridor along the South East is going to be a bit of a bother for Ukraine. Supply, reinforcement route. Big one. Flanked by the sea, which Ukraine has little it can do about. Navy wise.

I think that is where a (towed decoy) got used to so there fighters would not get shot down. Missiles (ground to air) had become so good. Long time ago now. Drones will serve that purpose now mostly at that stage. Even as a lay person I can understand that. Seen things about that. Noisy drones. Lights, thermal noisy (heat seeking missiles), built to be seen on radar. Wild weasel drone.

Find the worst military plane designed you can, and make him her build a drone. Put two missile on it or four. 2 air to air and 2 air to ground / anti ship. Cameras. Fighter escorts.
Otherwise make them deadly dangerous. Flying jammer.

So Russia is going to dig in. Supply lines much safer. Can attack from multiple angles. With cruiser missiles, rockets and all that. Infantry gets close. You pound them with mortars from dug in positions. Soon there counter battery equipment will be moved up, into dug in positions, already there for them. Then the Russian planes and drones, are going to do (clear sky) to sweep the skies clear, as much as possible. Will give drones targets to hit, that are of no important in the long run, mostly. Old stuff to destroy and take. Hit by a tank round, is still hit by a tank round. Looks good on TV for P.R. purposes. Hopefully I am wrong.
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Germany Triggers Early Warning System for gas supplies. I talked before about in a electric vehicle having only one coil powered in the electric engine at one time. By 1000s of times a second, turning on the needed coils, for the electric engines to work. You can also cycle power, so that only one electric engine coil, is powered at one time, out of the four electric engines. 1000s of times a second. Tens of 1000s of times a second. In a normal electric car. Only one entire engine is powered at one time. cycles power 1000s of times a second. 6 to 8 coils in a electric engine. Times 4 engines. Takes time for a magnetic field to collapse. A flux capacitor. Electric cars idling in traffic, can use almost no power to. Done right. Electricity (power) can stop and start, at the speed of light basically. Not like gasoline.

People who have used a boat trailer to load and unload boats know there is a safety device to stop that hand crank from just unwinding and breaking your arm. OR stop you from rolling forward or backward at a stop. Backward is easy. Angled teeth gear that can have a lever flip from one side, or the other. Angled gears on each side. (Different directions).

Flicks over to one side or the other, the lever. Can even use a tilt sensor I guess for this (automatic). Like a fish spool, when you buy fishing line, at a store. The top and bottom have angled teeth, on each spool outer wall. (Opposite directions). Like if you stood it on it's side. Level that switched from one side or the other. Other solutions I guess. Can not roll when stopped. Not breaking. Neutral basically. Something. Well the one I use had angled sprocket teeth. Whatever they are called. Only one one side here. Maybe only on one side can be done for both directions to.

like in this (brake winch) in the beginning of this video. Can not go backwards by itself. If you let go, your arm does not get broken, from the tension. Can't be killed either.
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Well we are all learning now how important politics is, and how important political parties are, and politicians. With a culture of blaming others, and not owning up, to the things they do, and cause. Some anyway.

Where this can lead to.
Sell less oil and get more $$$$. Looks like Russia might want all its money back, one way or another, taken by sanctions. Well, and such. Paying attention certain politicians? Russians might want to publicly thank certain politicians, for making this possible. N.A.T.O. too. Dance.

April 1 2022. Gazprom Starts Telling Clients How to Pay for Gas in Rubles

April 1 2022. Talks resume as Ukraine denies hitting depot on Russian soil

Molotov cocktails.

March 27 2022. Oil facility in Lviv on fire after Russian attack

Huge explosion at Russian oil depot as Kremlin blames Ukraine for helicopter strike. No deaths and 2 reported injured only. Would be scared if I worked at a place like that on Russia Ukraine border. Run like the wind fast out of there.
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If you own a home or business or something that needs insurance. Usually insurance does not cover (acts of war) or acts of god.
The kinds of things Russia is doing, war wise, can be interpreted, as a indicator, the Russia, does not want N.A.T.O. to see it's tactics and strategies, it would actually use, in warfare with N.A.T.O. (It's a surprise still). Keeping warfare experts blind, to what Russia would actually do in a war with N.A.T.O., so counter measures, and counter strategies, can not be developed, without lots of blood being shed. Having to pay the butchers bill in blood now, still. Which is also a big setback, war fighting capabilities wise. Terrifying to the general public at large to. Like during WW2, and Germans panzer tank tactics. The Blitzkrieg. Russia wants to play (the stupid Russia bear). The art of war. Your enemies greatest strength is there greatest weakness. There perception, of your weakness, and stupidly. Always respect your enemy for they be mighty.

What's going on now by Russia, can be considered, a indicator, that Russia wants things to calm down, now that they are enacting there own petrol rubble dollar. (Close to it). Russia wants to get back to making $$$$ as soon as possible. Show Europe, with flatten cities, what happened when you encroach on Russia. Europe's citizens are paying attention now. Very carefully. So politicians are to now. No more rubber stamping N.A.T.O. wants and desires, for the next 50 to 100 years. Closer to 100 years. Fear of death and destruction does that. Assuming that is what is going on now. Could be wrong.

Better than even larger WW2 style warfare in Europe. With the real possibility, of nuclear war eventually. WW2 was a nuclear war. Nukes got used. The Russia bear might start pretending to go back to sleep, but keep one eye open, or more. Super powers tend to get big headed in time. Then again. Russia has been invaded before, and knows what apocalypse warfare is really like. The A.K. is a symbol of that to me. No matter what, your rifle works rifleman. No matter what. Your R.P.G. works to rifleman. There is something to be said, in the fact, that your weapons will work, no matter what. Things get bad fast. Cities can be flattened fast. I never want to find out, but the ability to shoot back matters to people. As a rifleman, you are not totally helpless. Same with the millions of your fellow riflemen. Point and shoot weapons, for riflemen. That just work no matter what. Unlike the M16 when it first came out, and was used in the jungles. Mud and dirt and all that. It has also been said by infantry that the LAW rocket is a dud, many times. What's the storage life of a Javelin I wonder? A million plus US dollars each.

Some person was talking on YouTube, not long ago, about, during WW2, Russia lost, 10s of millions of people, and consider that a win. Because they survived.

A javelin missile is reported to cost over 1 million dollar US per a missile. So a 1000 cost more than a billion dollars. Around the year 2000 or so. It was reported that insurgents in Africa were mad, because the cost of a R.P.G. round doubled, from $10 US to $20 dollar US. So today, if one R.G.P. warhead cost $100 US. You can buy 10,000 for a million dollars US. Or 100,000 for $10,000,000 dollar US. Well the price would go up a lot then. But still. Much more E.M.P. resistant to than smarter weapon systems.

When winning means survival, and losing mean death. That was a win. As brutal as it was. 10s of millions dead. Russia does not fool around apparently.

I expect experiments to be done by Russia, with captured javelin missiles. I don't think Javelin missiles are worth a dollar. Well $1000 dollars. Maybe I am wrong.
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So N.A.T.O. did not give the go ahead for Poland to give it's Russia fighters to Ukraine. (Fast penetrators, hard to defend against). So if those fighter ended up attacking targets inside Russia what would happen? How would Russia perceive this? This is not some fight going on somewhere else a 1000 or miles away from Russia.

So if Russia gave fighters to some country, on the border with the USA. If there were lots of Countries on the USA's border, like Russia has in Europe. Then that country ended up attacking the USA using those fighter bombers. How do you think the USA would interpret that? It's not happening somewhere else a 1000 or more miles away, then either.

Well 4:30 into video he says he doesn't understand why we are not giving those older Russian planes (Polands) to Ukraine. He has a vested interest in N.A.T.O. getting a larger involvement to. Misery loves company. I don't like it. But that is the way it is. So either he is just another talking head or he thinks Russia is going to invade his country, etc.
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Well with Russia wanting to be payed in Russia roubles, for Russian oil. I suspect other countries who produce oil, natural gas, etc. Are going to want to be payed in there money for there product to. Maybe even wheat too. So a basket of currencies. The USA produces lots of oil and natural gas too.

The dam has burst that way. Refined metals, minerals, ores, potash, copper ores, gold ores, silver ores, lead ores, iron ores, coal, refined uranium, video cards, cpu's, etc.

Time will tell. Putin probably wanted that to be another surprise. Oh well. I think this way is better. Well if it turns out to be true and a ceasefire, or withdraw, or whatever. Happens.

Well in high school our chemistry book said either, a 1 KG of uranium, or plutonium, was the same as, 1 million barrels of oil, energy wise. Whatever that means, and that 1 KG could power a mid sided America city for 1 year. Maybe it was Radium.
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Even though it is not talked about anymore. Stealth weapons, and stealth delivery systems, are first strike capable weapons, and weapon delivery systems. Use to be talked about before.

Well WW2 was a nuclear war. Nukes got used and the war ended. Based upon that fact. If nukes get used on continental USA. Maybe be done for this, will be the purpose. A moral issue. Terror. This is real. Not just on TV but here now. Not a strategic target but a strategic moral terror target. Low population, but let's say a high traffic area, population wise. Like if someone destroyed the status of Liberty. But in a terrifying way. NYC is not a low population target. Has ports and such too. A terror target. That causes mass terror in the general public at large. Because it is real. This is real. Both sides might do that, and hopefully call it a day. Russia still gets what it wants. Small nuke gets used downwind of a major city on a smaller city, a war machine city. Maybe on a plateau over looking the devastation. Your new view. 1KT, 2.5KT. Even smaller, than what was used on Japan. Call it a E.M.P. attack just on one smallish city. Probably end up being a abandoned city. Low altitude Small E.M.P. burst to affect one small part of the USA. A single smallish city only. Then they can all say together (I have seen the light, and it was scary). Unless you have a pacemaker I guess, and you live there, or did. There is the traditional way with nukes.

Trust me. Having large traditional nukes around, to use in traditional ways, is no fun, at all. City buster nuclear warheads, and all that. 1 million sunblock, might become a popular product. Well 1 thousand sunblock. Well one thousand sunblock eye protection glasses, (to protect against going blind), would be nice. However it would work. Still got to be able to see to drive or whatever. Some protection anyway. A baseball cap, so you can't see up, to easily driving. Tin foil on the inside between layers, of ball cap, so light can not shine through easily. (Hair scalp not burned). Gold or silver film layer, like on the helmets face masks of astronauts, out in space, they have to protect against, the sun burning them. (Mirrored glasses). You can see videos of navy ships, where personnel present, wear fire resistant clothing. Like long johns, or looks like what pilots wear.

In Japan burns were a serious immediate problem. Blindness.

Does not seem like Russia has any logistics problems to me. With pictures of flatten cities basically. Takes a lot to do that.
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So we got to see what Russia can do (without air support). They have it appears, the ability to do WW2 style carpet bombing of cities, using artillery and tanks. Old tanks just fine for that. Rockets.

Some advantages to that it seems. You can bomb them, at your pleasure. Any time during a 24 hour day. Re-target missed buildings, quickly, or whatever, in a minute. Observe ground troop movements, and respond fast. Not as fast, getting to targets, as planes. Once you get there though. It's bad for the defender. Constantly.

Artillery and mortars, and rockets, still appear to be a very big thing, in city, and large army warfare battles. Large scale battles. Well out of infantry rifle range then. Infantry has to take it, and wait for them, to roll up, on them. Assuming they have not been starving in the mean time, and can still fight effectively.

You got the hoard. The hoard appears to be effective. In equipment tonnage, and lots of units, and manpower. With nuclear weapons as backup. They never bothered to use air power. Even in defence. Not even much land based vehicle AA defences. (A statement unto itself).

I will say that again. They never even bothered. Never even bothered, to use much modern equipment either. Some cruise missiles usage. That's it. One reported case of a hyper-sonic missile used. Just one.

Looks like Russia lost some planes and helicopters. But basically there air-force, is 100% intact. Same with AA assets. A indicator that Russia expected, to get attacked, in a large way maybe, at the same time. Still did it. Would have responded. I guess.

Picking off there tanks and such, piece meal, while they flatten your cities, is not a effective, war winning stragedy. You send out probing forces to get engaged by the enemy so they can show some wins on TV, and somewhat win a P.R. moral war. But be losing, the actual war. Give the USA press, what it wants to show, and well, if you built it, they will show it on TV.

Not saying I like it or anything. Forewarned is forearmed. Russia can take out bridges to. A 1000 miles away, or more. Same with cities. Bomb some intersections. Overpasses. Mobility kills, on a national, and state wide scale. Airport towers, runaways. Train depos. Remember Russia had 10s of millions of deaths alone before, and consider that a win, because they survived.

Always respect you enemy, for they be mighty.
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Well there were stories of offering Russian soldiers money to defect. Now we have stories of war crimes. See if Ukraine, take Russian soldiers now, as defectors. Only takes a few doing this and that.
Well this story says there are now more than 100,000 US troops in Europe. Seems to be lots of Russian front line fighting troops in Ukraine. I heard before that for US forces anyway. 1 in 10 is for fighting. So 10,000 fighting US troops.

USA carrier battle groups, seem to be about dog fighters, fighter bombers, helicopters, missiles, drones, subs, and support ships, with some teeth to. Planes, missiles, hit hard, hit fast. Lots of land based missiles systems to. Russia has held back lots of it's forces. Especially air power and air defences. Has those hyper-sonic big hard hitting missiles to.

Hopefully behind the scenes. The (((red phone))) has been used, and each side, has told the other, exactly what they are going to do. Hopefully. Agreed to this and that. Instead of nuclear war, or large scale WW2 type warfare in Europe. Or we could have a glass desert, called peace.
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Russia did let millions of Ukrainians leave at first. War crimes and such are being reported now. Not investigated yet as far as I know. Russia did flatten big parts of entire cities.
Some actual real world explanation of real climate change later too. Reporters. CNN crew has close call with artillery. Also puts camera mans life in danger. While the reporter hid.

So reporter tells camera man to keep rolling as they get fired upon by artillery. I think reporters in war zone need to do this themselves. Reporters keep taking footage themselves, and stick there heads up (go pros) with high velocity metal flying around. I don't know why (well I do), a reporter thinks, they has the right, to put someones elses' life in extreme danger. He should be fired. Well in a trench but still. Don't want that to happen. Close to the edge. Being trained, to put your life on the line, and not the reporters own.

55 seconds in, after being told to keep filming, the camera person, could have been killed. Camera person should be compensated by CNN, and publicly apologized to, by CNN. So CNN shows the world, that is not acceptable to, CNN. Why just not have him play (told to) Russia roulette, with a loaded gun. Reporters can volunteer themselves. Some do that. Put themselves, in harms way. Somewhat. Some died recently. Maybe that should be looked into a little closer. Not just blaming the Russian. A good way to get people you do not like that you work with killed.

If the camera man had died. Would this have been the Russians fault? 100 percent the Russians fault? Camera people, others to, are treated like lessers, by reporters, and well reporters, who get into management positions, in places like this encourage this. Not equals but subordinates to reporters. (Peak-a-boo). Casual about it. Not even a thought to putting his life at risk. (Peak-a-boo). Some reporters life (Mussolini) life, is worth more. They think like this. They decide what is best for you, to know, every single day. So they know what's best for you. They come out of colleges and universities, and learned how to spell right, and use sentence structure right. Mostly and all that. So they know what's best for you. Political science to or whatever. Climate change jobs, other news jobs, careers. Whatever (just cause) and a career. Every 2nd reporter had learned, become, a climate change expert, out of colleges and universities, there for a time. Others too. Apparently not experts, with climate prediction models, apparently. Pardon my English grammar usage. Not swimming yet. Well it's the sun that drives the earth climate. Mostly. The sun also has 3 heat output cycles. The longest being 110 to 120 years long. Increasing or decreasing heat output. Solar flares and such to.

The sun hits the earth the hardest at the equator. Straight on. Thinnest atmosphere. As you go towards the earths poles the angle increased, and acts more like a thicker atmosphere. Not so much sun light, directly hitting the surface, and all that. Absorbed more. More misses. Earth curves more and more, to a point. At the very tip of the poles, almost all the sun light misses. Earth spins itself. A little off axis. Like sticking a straw though a orange from the top a little at a angle. Physics.

Better say it I guess. Because of that off axis spin. Around the poles you have a wobble zones. Of constant freezing and thawing. So piece break off. Icebergs. Kind of sideways S shaped I guess. A band at the poles like this. Freezing and thawing constantly. I guess you could take a orange, and with it straight up and down, draw a line, with a marker, like a inch down, parallel to the equator, on one of the poles. Stick a straw through the orange, at off center axis of spinning. Like the Earth has. You would see that band changing horizontally, as you spun it around. So different levels of sun light hit that band constantly. Band wobbles up and down, as it faces the sun.

Reporters want to switch careers, need to go back to college or university. To still be highly payed. Get years of experience again, at a new thing. $$$$. Just like everybody else.
You see artillery go off. You can be hit with pieces of artillery. Physically present. See a grenade go off. You can be hit with pieces of that grenade. Not a mile away.


CNN crew has close call with artillery
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Poland says it is willing to host N.A.T.O. nuclear weapons in Poland. Not to long ago, several TV personalities in Russia, threatened to nuke Poland basically, if they joined NATO. This is probably what this is about. Very scared, for there safety basically. Probably should never have happened. Now Poland's scared. The people of Poland are scared. Want M.A.D. to.

A angry Russia scares Poland. Scares all.

A better thing to have said probably is. If Poland doesn't join N.A.T.O. There will be no serious problems between Russia and Poland. No military activities. No warfare. Hindsight and all that. Easy then. Be clear.
So gang members and such, will not be nice to have around, if this war gets worst. Will do anything for drugs. Get there own children into prostitution, a life of crime and violence. Death, prison. Other similar nuts like them to, will take advantage of such situations. Jihadies. Foreign devils. Countries to. Gang members and such like homeless shelter staff. Create fake worlds for people to live in. Constant bombardment of whatever they do to you, to use you up, and toss you away, like garbage afterwards. Religious ideology, whatever gets them booze drugs. Just like in these shows like (60 days in) you are constantly surrounded and watched. Constant severe stress, constant threats of violence. (Stockholm syndrome you). Sympathize with your abusers. Turn you. Drive you crazy sounding. They get payed booze and drugs, to do this to people. Control them. That is all it takes. Years at it. Always. Always want more booze and drugs. Get that person via repetition, and time, into such a severe junkie, they will do anything, along with some type of indoctrination. (Just cause) for violence, or deliver a package, or whatever. Attack someone or there family.

Had me almost convinced, the R.C.M.P. had one of my family members, that the R.C.M.P. had tortured to death, and put her corpse in the basement, and were preforming demonic rituals, on her body. Almost had me convinced, to break into the R.C.M.P. building. Had me almost convinced to try to just though a steel plated fire door, head first at the local salvation army. There was some type of portal or something if I timed it right. Needed to try again if I miss timed it. A young women I knew was being tortured to death on the other side of the door at the salvation army. (sounds). Went on for a long time. (Repetition). Asked some staff, about what was on the other side of the door, and they acted like, it was a special place, for staff only. All with severe sleep deprivation torture, that still gets done to me, to this very day. Past midnight. April 6 2022. Sometimes much worst.

All homeless people are nuts right, as the press has said many times. Sorry (mental disorders). Don't forget to be sad. The poor mental disorders, poor people, and street people. Forgotten in five minutes right? Easy picking then. You learn all about law enforcement then. Whom they protect. The gangs. Judges to. Prosecutors to. The same. In other words, the police, courts, medical community, all let them, drive you whatever crazy, they pick. Because this was done to me and lots of other things in full view of the general public and for years. This type of thing is now general knowledge to criminals around the world now, and others to. Like children and kids. Some. A scientific process. Perfected on me personally, here in Yellowknife. NT. Canada. A science to kids and older. Can make anyone, do and believe anything now. Said in court to. The truth to that person. (Baby rapist). I wanna be, all I can be. You will to. You would to or commit suicide. I hope god has mercy on there souls. The ones whom commit suicide instead. The highest rate of suicide in the country here.

Had me walking in the middle of the road, for a while. Allowed to do that to me. Like sleep walking (total unawareness) and then standing in the middle of the road. Afterwards did things, said things that had me convinced I needed to do that. With all they do to you. R.C.M.P. there, blocking side road traffic. It was using my morals against me, in my case, I remember sort of. Do this or that, or lots of people will get hurt, killed. At the same time surrounded by gang members and other doing things to convince you, it is all real. Whatever takes. Baby rapist training never took with me. Being done to me at local city hall library. Gang member hangout. Took with another who just listened, (dead mother and toddler in Alberta) and now recently, actually teaching someone, to rape babies on purpose with that pedophile in room 203 then. Pedophile gets drunk, he wants to rape babies. So they were getting him drunk daily, and nightly. Staff here, supplying the extra booze. Getting him to talk about raping babies, pretending at first, I am the baby, and harassing me at the same time, in other ways in his room and slamming doors and such, that still goes on here. So he has to think about it constantly, to talk about it constantly. Would have done it for years. His fantasies, would have gotten more and more elaborate, and real to him. He had progressed to the point, he was starting to laugh about this, to my face. A already convicted pedophile. Should have waited a little longer to start talking about it but still. That is what was happening recently here. Not even axe murders do such things. But they do.

April 6 2022. 1:05AM Someone is still screaming, and was slamming doors and screaming earlier. Whomever s' turn it is today, tonight. Staff has been saying lately I can do whatever I want along with them, along with the staff getting the gang members, more and more violent, towards me, at the same time. Staff is gang members to. News reports years ago about gangs taking over homeless shelters, prisons, youth group homes. That is what is happening, in the malls and such, for years now. The real reason. Why the mall are shutting down. That is because of Yellowknife.
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If I wanted to. I could make a somewhat to some. A somewhat valid argument. That the war between Russia and Ukraine, is somewhat, Yellowknife's fault. What was done to me for more than 20 years, and in full view of the public, back then. Taught the USA government, and other governments, to get away will all kinds of crimes, inside there own country, and then, these same peoples, want to spread there sphere of influence. (Total war domination doctrine) or whatever it was called, years ago, as people of power, in government, learned from Yellowknife, to get away with, doing more and more (as Yellowknife taught them to) to it's own citizens. Then they want to do more, to other countries citizens. (More domination). A attitude anyway, developed, from getting away with doing such things, to there own citizens, in dominating them. As taught to them and even children by the people of Yellowknife, like various government workers, gang members, jihadies, etc. What the government workers need to do. Like the police. Like the courts. Like the press. Like the schools. Like the medical community. (Various gov institutions). To dominate until you learn to comply. Until you have no choice at all, but to not comply, or go insane. With there domination. Exactly like I have to, with gang members, and others, around here.

They like having access to children in the schools. A.K.A. (Hitler Youth) style tactics, being used, starting on children, and then young adults, to develop there political world view. To mentally dominate, the children. For political purposes. Whatever (just causes) they teach the children. (Government schools). So politically, the can do anything, by saying it is one of those (just causes). Then literally, drown political opposition out (the press does this) who are against, the political thing, the government wants to do. Kind of like, religious nut countries, can justify anything, by saying it's religious.

This all started on purpose, by my former employer. The local Yellowknifer newspaper. To prove I am crazy and not a extremely severe harassment victim to the point it was severe long term human rights abuses. (Barely a crime now right?) Reporters and company owners. Monsters. My employer back then, staff to, got 1000s of others to joined in. 1000s. They did that on purpose. Got 1000s of others to join in. The US and Canadian military joined in who were here back then. J.T.F.N. 1000s of people turning on one person. Severe daily harassment, to the point of it being, severe human rights abuses. (They sure had a lot of fun though). Daily. Still daily. They never stop unless forced to. A bad sign for things to come. Not just this either. Every year from now on. It is only just beginning. They will do new things not being done now. It's literally science now, perfected on me personally.

With the USA government now. It seems to be all about pushing there agendas on you. (Domination level). With whatever they want you to comply with. They want you to focus on whatever pisses you off, or disgusts you or angers you. Confuses many. Why are they doing this you think? Not now though. Not what they are doing. Not what they are trying to do. The consequences. Including always get there way. Don't bother. It's your fault. The victims (your) fault. You are unreasonable. A racist. A whatever. So you don't think it through, but respond, as taught to. To personal attacks. Then you focus on, those personal attacks, as more and more of them attack you. Instead of why, or whatever. Confuses people. Confuses people watching to. A special form of cover-ups.

If you comply. They seem to get crazier and crazier acting and demanding. Dominating to you. Just like psychopaths, like gang members.

They want to control people and use them. Gangs anyone? Drugs anyone? No problem to them. (Use them). Come after your children. (Use them). No problem to them. Gangs are multiculturalism. Terrorists (jihadies), foreign devils, pimps, prostitutes, drug addicts, various other sex offenders, drug dealers, junkies, street thugs, human trafficking. DE-fact-o slavery, in the open. The bad parts of multiculturalism, getting worst and worst. Political control again, for political parties. Easy career security to. Same with going after the kids.

Birth control, was a huge gigantic political debate. Until it could not be anymore. Then political parties, move on to the next hot button issue. All are forced to join in. Including politicians. Even if they don't want to. The press makes sure of that. Lets hope all kind of reporters don't leave school, as war experts. Like what happen with climate change. Climate change experts. Russia experts. No joke what-so-ever.

When people have world views, not based in reality. Makes there belief systems, developed in schools, and on TV, easy to manipulate, and easy to terrorize them to, as needed. Harder to manipulate world views, based upon daily reality (poor now). Schools and TV. News especially. Do this. Once out of school. Manipulate all other emotions to. Poor now so you need to be terrorized now. Stay focused. They want Russia now to be worst, perceived as worst. Need Russia to be the raging bear now. Justify all. Want marshal law if they can get it. Call it something else. If they must. War measures act. Might have to. Isn't that wonderful for them? They need you to stay focused on the message (world view) they tell you. Then they can do more effectively. Justify all done. The new done to. Justify all the dead to. Poor to. It's there fault you see?
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If I was a republican. I would be terrified, that the Dems suspect, they are going to be destroyed, during the next 1 or 2 election cycles. So they will want the Republicans, to inherit a even bigger disaster, for the Republicans, in regards, to Russia and warfare, economy, crime, etc. (Lay the groundwork). So voters, then flock back to the Dems. (Game theory gets used all the time in US elections). Be very careful, and public, about that stuff. Can have very serious consequences, for all mankind. Even ten years from now. The long term or short term consequences. Always think worst case, in these situations. Since the Dems are in control now, and were in control, before this current election cycle. Don't be distracted. Press-stitutes to. Will call it a second great depression, after a certain amount of time has passed. Or as good as one.

I would not make any promises about the economy is going to get better. But we will do our best to make it less worst. Constantly remind the general public at large. Turns out to be wrong. What a pleasant surprise. Might be getting, our second great depression. Regardless of who is in charge. Want to blame the Republicans. Not that I normally care. But in this case.

Anything to get back into power. Or it doesn't matter anymore. Literally doesn't matter anymore. For all. That is how these types think. Just like psychopath junkies. Once they get away with being in serious situations. They just keep doing whatever, as the new normal, (serious situations) as needed. There psychopathic fun is power. Power to do almost anything now, when in politics. As high level politicians. Extremely isolated from reality, and surrounded by fawners.

Power junkies. Like a murderous junkie, but for power. Junkies only care about more booze and drugs. Will do anything for more booze and drugs. Some people will do anything for power, and to keep it. They like rubbing things in your face. Makes them feel smart and superior. It's part of there mental disorder(s). They just lie, to your face, about the reasons they do things. Until they don't have to lie to your face about why. When they can, then they tell you why. So you know, they are dominating you, to rub it in your face, some more.

How nice for government workers. More poor people.
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Well based upon this. We might see Russia use a new tank warfare doctrine and or Ukraine. Since WW2. Or not. Walking rockets and such, leading the way. In front of tanks. Instead of in front of infantry. Other things. General Arty has a longer throwing arm, than general tank. Dragons teeth and mines, to slow down tanks. Destroy tanks. Arty can throw mines to. Cluster bomb, style arty to I guess. Air bursts. They just push forward, until engaged, and counter engaged. R.A.D.A.R. tracking. Plus planes, helicopters, and cruise missiles when needed. Sweep around with some of your tanks (flank) to engage from more than one direction, if you can. Easier said than done. Going to make that tank battle in the first (Red Dawn) movie, look like a bad joke. (As bad as it was). Those were the times and all that.

Infantry protects the tanks, tanks protect general arty, and general arty protects all. Rockets, mortars to. Maybe with tactical nuclear munition usage. (Probably not needed by Russia). Fighter bombers, and cruise missiles usage, will probably indicate, the start of this major battle. Russia seems to like to take there time now. Already doing this.

Russia ia already scary enough. Without using a small nuke, to show they are willing to do so, in there own back yard. Same with the USA depending upon which side you are on.

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