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I follow Garand Thumb quite a bit.

But no matter how much care he takes here there is a so much randomess that cannot be controlled in these tests.
For example a kernel of ice in the trigger group can (and likely is) not a function of the rifles robustness and cold weather suitability but randomness.
And the majority of stoppages shown seemed to originate from blockage in the trigger group.
A trigger group can be locked up by something as small and random as a dropped primer.
Its quite rare but it has happend to me before.

I did some cold weather testing one event at 19 F with lots of snow (all day and all night patrolling outside) and at 9F with outside overnight cold soaking sitting in the shade and then taking to the range next day.
Soaking them with water and then freezing I did not test, as I think the negative result is quite predictable.

I did have lithium batteries on the optics and they did work too even after the overnite cold soak which was a pleasant surpise.
1 - 1 of 179 Posts