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Wow I was surprised to see Nothing about what's going on in the "UK" right now? I have been Listening to SWL and also RT(Russia Today) Web site about the Mutating super flu.

They say it has Mutated and now they think its changed into a flu that causes your lungs to fill up with blood and you drown, many have died they say, that there could be 600,000 infected.

Russia is helping them with medical and humanitarian aid now and they are testing the flu sample's back in London, England, and the WHO (World Health Organization) is there also.

I tried to see if anyone made any posts and havent found any?

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I have heard nothing about a super-flu ... yet. :scratch

It doesn't surprise me that there could be such a thing. With the amount of mutations that the flu-bug has gone through over the years, it just keeps getting tougher-and-tougher .. and .. with the help of all the flu-research going on, it wouldn't surprise me if some how the research has created a super-bug which escaped captivity.

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1.5 Million People Now Infected in Ukraine

Just saw this on another site...

1.5 Million People Now Infected in Ukraine: What Will Happen To Other Countries?
According to reports on the progression of regions affected, there are now approximately 1.5 million cases of people infected in the Ukraine with 328 dead from a still-to-be-characterized virus. What would happen in other countries if a virus with a similar transmission rate were to infect their population?

The progression of the outbreak was as follows: On November 2nd, 255,516 were infected
On November 4th, 478,456 were infected
On November 5th, 633,877 were infected
On November 7th, 871,037 were infected
On November 8th, 969,247 were infected
On November 9th, 1,031,597 were infected
On November 17th, 1,457,564 were infected

In other words, there was a 470% increase in infections in just 15 days. The population of Ukraine is just over 46 million. That means 3% of the population was infected in slightly over two weeks.

Fatality rate is the ratio of deaths within a designated population of people with a particular condition, over a certain period of time. The rate for the 1918 Spanish flu was >2.5%, about 0.1% for the Asian and Hong Kong flus, and <0.1% for other influenza pandemics. Zaïre Ebola Virus is among the deadliest viruses with a case fatality rate of roughly 90%. Fatality rate from swine flu in the U.S. is far less than any type of flu including seasonal influenza.

The fatality rate of the Ukraine pneumonic virus has been calculated by some experts to be somewhere between 0.5% and 0.7%. According to the WHO, the Ukraine virus is causing a fatality rate of .02% which seems to be either a gross miscalculation or intentional deception.
Other media...Ukraine: Influenza or Pneumonic Plague? The situation is getting worse and worse -
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