UBS bank failure coming???

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by greaseman, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. greaseman

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    Big story brewing about the problems that UBS bank in Switzerland is having. Our government wants all the names on the accounts, so they can tax the secret bank accounts of those American citizens who have those foreign secret accounts. everyone knows this will ruin the UBS bank system.

    This could potentially cause a chain reaction in the banking industry, that could easily spread to the rest of the world. This is a potentially huge story. My biggest question is , will this cause a chain reaction to the rest of the banking industry???
  2. kyfarmer

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    Should be no surprise just another nail in the coffin of the world money system. Its been coming for a while. They are going to destroy the world economy to replace it. Anyone in denial of that after whats been going on the last year better pull the head out of the sand. Our dollar is worth nothing now, so what do you think am i just paranoid or what.

  3. greaseman

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    I think everyone is asking a lot of the same questions. Mostly, how long can all this funny business go on without repercussions?? How long can banks keep failing before the public realizes it's all a ponzi scheme?? What is the tipping point, or the magic number of failures that will do all of them in?? Will the failure of a bank such as UBS, be enough to do other banking systems in.??

    I believe, since the worlds weconomy is so interconnected, the fal of the right banks could spell the doom for all of them. If there is no fiat currency to turn to other than the dollar, when it all falls apart, will the dollar make a false comeback because of no alternative??

    Where would gold and silver come in?? Does the world need to have another currency in place before they kill existing currency?? If the central banks want to maintain control, I believe thay must have another currency in place before they do away with the original. The tricky part is the doing away with the original.. Perhaps they help it along with steady de-valuation??? Wait--they're already doing that. So, is the death of the dollar just around the corner???
  4. NaeKid

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    I am starting to think that some of the concepts written into the StarTrek universe about finances might just be in the plans for the world ... the other thought is something that is being hashed out in some circles. The next level of money-exchange will be via RFID computer-chip embedded just under the skin of a person's hand similar to the tracking chips embedded in cattle and dogs.
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    I believe the RFID is coming no matter what happens. I do think that as a nation, we are not quite ready for a chip, as many people know about the mark of the beast, and would not want it. I think there might be ways to get people to accept the chip, that haven't been invented yet.

    we are so close to the chip anyway, it wouldn't be much of a leap to complete implementation. when we use store loyalty cards, they track our every buy. Credit, and debit cards track us. And there are next generation creditcards that have our complete charge history stored in the card.

    Perhaps a device required to be in everyone's cell phone, that had all personal info strored, so that access to buying and selling, and all medical treatment would be had thru possesion of this communication device. Most people have a cell phone, and accceptance of the next level of phone would be easy to get people to accept.

    Just thoughts. But a type of money in the traditional sense could be near an end. How many of you use a debit card for most purchases???? cashless society could be closer than you think.
  6. Jason

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    I really think it'll take a LONG time -several generations- to make a real cashless society. When I was a kid (I'm turing 34 here soon), we never got gift cards. Now they're everywhere. My 18 month old son will grow up in a gift card world and think nothing of it, much like I have in a credit card world, where my parents have exactly one credit card and I think they only got it because they had to rent a car or something one time. I won't give up cash easily but it'll seem less of a stretch to do so for my son, and even less for his kids, etc. I don't claim to be the most up to date person with the state of the world's affairs, but it seems to me that total cashlessness is still years off.
  7. greaseman

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    I think you seriously underestimate the ability of change to occur. I have seen things happen in the last two years that I though would have taken much longer. The ability of change to happen depends on the dynamic influencing that change.

    With the election of Obama, we have a new, highly charged catalyst for change. We have a man who is hell bent on changing the way we are able to live, no matter what the cost. That's change at any price. When that force is active, things can go good or bad, quickly.

    Now, throw in unheard of economic misery, and no real chance of immediate improvement, and a government that refuses to listen to it's citizens, and you have a powder keg of reasons for quick change.

    I also look for some event, such as a domestic terrorist event, to be used to impliment controls that can only be done in times of emergency. Look for it, and remember you read it here. I put nothing past this bunch of holligans running our government. Remember, this is a group of people that believe that the end justifies the means, and also believe that you should never let a crsis go to waste. Are you getting this???

    if you can't get the results you want fast enough, make it happen any way you can. I continue to be amazed at how totally arrogant our current administration is. You can see it in every thing they say, and everything they do. They let it slip every day, as they can't help it---that's the way they really are. On any given day, Osama lets another "slip" of the tongue give away his real opinion on any given matter. he can't help it.

    a good example is when Osama keeps saying the reason the health care reform didn't pass, is because he didn't explain it well enough to the masses for them to understand it. What nerve, he explained it well enough the first time, he just doesn;t get it, he thinks people are to stupid to get it. Actually, he's too arrogant to get it. People don't like it, they will never like it as it is. he's the one that needs things explained to him.

    Lastly, when you add up all the different dynamics we have going on right now, I believe that pretty much anything can happen at anytime. Kind of scary actually.