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I have for sale, two complete new in box geiger counter sets. Model CD V-777 made by Victoreen of California. I will take $100.00 a piece for these, If one person buys both, then shipping is free. Below is some general information on these units. Check the prices on ebay, this is a great price. Private message me for shipping information or any other questions.

Victoreen CD V-720 Model 3A Survey Meter
(2) Bendix CD V-742 Dosimeters
Industrial Electronic Hardware CD V-750 Model 5b Dosimeter Charger
Victoreen CD V-715 Model 1B Survey Meter
Anton CD V-700 Model 6 Geiger Counter


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Basey... you SUCK!

jk, brother

guess I gotta get up EARLIER to catch those worms, eh?
Good buy!

I am needing one.....
Hey guys, go ahead and get 'em... I already have several of these kits!

No sense in me hoggin' this stuff...

@ Prepared : let these guys have first crack at them... Thanks!

If you have one left ... I'll take it.

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I can easily see your concern with a first time poster. I would be also, but im legitimate. Maybe one of very few, but im 100% legit...
If you're a member of other forums where you've sold stuff (or Ebay) & have a good reputation there, directing people to that site helps to alleviate many people's concerns...
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