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  1. Homestead Gal

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    Has anyone here gotten rid of their TV programming? We still have a TV but, only use it to watch VHS and DVD movies. We do have a rabbit ear antenna and have yet to use it. As long as I have WildBlue internet, I don't need it.

    So far, we have gone almost 4 years without paid programming...and lived!:eek:

    So do you TV or not TV?
  2. dilligaf

    dilligaf Well-Known Member

    no tv here at all for 6 yrs and only two channels before that for the last 15 or so.

  3. KYprep

    KYprep Guest

    I have one the kids watch VHS and DVDs on it, but I can’t remember when the last time I watched a show on it. I don’t miss it at all. Hmmm no TV watching and I still do not have enough hours in the day.
  4. mrs_jones

    mrs_jones MKJ


    We like TV for the good shows like on channel 9 /PBS, Discovery, History channel, national geographic channel, etc. These are quality programming and not "fluff". I rarely watch the local news or weather. I can look out the window for the weather : ) I know that some people are watching certain TV shows on their computers now, maybe we could do that.
  5. dunappy

    dunappy Well-Known Member

    We have Antena only tv ( ie free tv) and we get a grand total of 4 stations and that's all we really need. We don't pay for tv service and we don't miss anything either.
  6. Homer_Simpson

    Homer_Simpson Well-Known Member

    I don't watch network TV other than local news on occasion, otherwise I am running the channels on Direct TV between The History Channel and the Military Channel, some good programs there for the whole family
  7. carnut1100

    carnut1100 Well-Known Member

    I spent most of my childhood without TV and I think I am better for it.
    My younger siblings are watching TV any chance they get and are bored when it is off.

    We are moving early in the new year and the TV will NOT be going in the lounge room.
    I will still have one in my bedroom to watch the 3 or 4 shows a week I want to watch and that is it.
    The new place will have a garden to dig, aniimals to look after, and fields to play in, so they aren't gonna need TV.
  8. rainbowgardens

    rainbowgardens Well-Known Member

    Got rid of cable 4 years ago. Can't get any channels. Only use it to watch dvds and videos. I don't miss it at all. I get so much more done now.
    It's great to finally live in the real world! I guess it will be harder for me to be brainwashed though.
  9. Big B

    Big B Well-Known Member

    I turned it off for seven years when my children were in the house, Every night I would come home to their little bodies layed out in front of the thing, it was hard to get them to even say hello.
    We tried to cut down,didn't work, one day i cut the plug off the cord, my wife put a tablecloth over the set and some flowers over it.
    We read, played games, talked, went for walks, was a good move for the family.
    I have a few tv's in my home now , but only watch it less than two hours in seven days total.

    Like talkin to my wife more I guess.....

    (by the way, all three of my children watch little tv in their homes today.)
  10. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I got rid of TV around 2002. From 1991 to 2002 I watched very little TV. When I need some "quiet-time" I will watch a DVD on my portable DVD-player (7" screen). My DVD-player has the ability for me to recieve signal from my VCR.

    I buy most of my movies from the discount bin - maybe one or two movies a month. Quite often, the movie will stay in the wrapper for a week or two before I get a chance to un-wrap it and take a peak.
  11. carnut1100

    carnut1100 Well-Known Member

    I've had DVDs sit for 3 months before I have watched them...
    In fact, I have a bunch of Ken Burns documentaries to watch that I got off ebay...
  12. rachilders

    rachilders Active Member

    I'll be the lone voice to admit we have cable in my home AND I also bought a 42" HDTV for the wife ;) last Mother's Day. OTOH, I usually only watch a 1/2 dozen shows a week, mainly FOX News, the local news/weather, the Outdoor Channel and a few educational channels like the History, Discovery or Military channels. I'll also watch a movie sometimes or a special show if it looks interesting and I have nothing else I want to do at the time. Actually, I probably spend more time time at my computer on any given day than I do looking at the TV :rolleyes:.
  13. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    We have one TV and watch shows from time to time like It's Always Sunny and PBS documentaries.
  14. Washkeeton

    Washkeeton Well-Known Member

    Turned it off back when I moved out to the bush in 96...If there was such things as satalite at that time I wasnt aware of it. We had a set then and still do for movies. That is all and that is a very very very rare treat here. We are still involved with home renovations and working the small farm I have started...too much work to be done to plop infront of a boob tube.

    When I go to my daughters every other weekend to care for my grand baby she has a tv with cable and all the trimmings... to disconect my son is worse than pulling teeth. He becomes mesmerized(i think that is how you spell it):D
  15. Homestead Gal

    Homestead Gal Proverbs31Woman

    I can relate to the mesmerized scenario. We raised my niece for 3 years. When she came to us she was failing the 4th grade. We didn't have TV so, she had to focus on homework and "unplug" from all the distractions. In less then 2 months that child made A-B Honor Roll. :D

    We also encouraged her to learn other day to day things. She discovered she is a great little cook and baker. She also likes to do crafts and has discovered she loves to read classic literature.

    She also found she enjoyes growing things. She learned how to plant a garden, the importance of planting heritage plant seed and how to harvest/can what you grow. She also discovered how to read a compass, a map and take care of herself if she ever got lost.

    All this happened ONLY because she was unplugged from the TV and plugged into REAL life.

    I certainly won't bash TV as a whole. It has some redeeming qualities IF you are vigilant in the programs your children watch.

    I do miss PBS and all the British sitcoms. I really appreciate the Brits dry sense of humor. At least you can buy the shows on DVD. Now I just need the time to watch them.
  16. rachilders

    rachilders Active Member

    It's slightly off topic, but I made a reference in my earlier reply to looking at my computer more than the television. While almost everyone here that replied seems to have almost given up watching TV, I was wondering how much time folks spend at their computers cruising the internet since we all wouldn't be at this forum if we didn't have a computer and access to the web?

    From my point of view the WWW, especially among people under 40, seems to have replaced television as the main "distraction" for people. I also know people who complain when their kids/friends/significant other watch more than hour or two of that great wasteland called TV in a day yet these same people think nothing of cruising the web, reading email or texting messages for two or three times the amount of time they "waste" watching a television. While there are plenty of programs I'd never watch due to their content, much less allow my children to see, there is a LOT more - by many magnitudes - to worry about on the internet! There's not only hard core adult AND child pornography but on-line predators, scams, ID theft and a host of other things that are not a consideration with television or radio. Plus the internet is literally available everywhere as long as you have a phone line or worse, wireless access. With wireless and a laptop, you can now access the web from your home, car, restaurant, the woods from a log cabin, even the middle of a corn field while sitting on a tractor.

    Has the computer/internet become the new, and potentially much more dangerous, "boob tube"? :confused:
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  17. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe Come And Get'em

    52" LCD with DVR, 46 Rear Projection, 32" LCD with DVR, 20" LCD, and a Cable Box with DVR hooked up to my Slingbox. Yeah I love the boob tube. Current favorite TV show is Life. I love TBS on Thursday nights with 2 hours of Friends, love Friends. I watch History Channel, TLC, Military Channel, and Discovery Channel most. Local news in the morning while getting ready for work, mainly for the hot weather babe:D, but also for the news and weather. CNN or Fox News during the day. I like cable because the kid can watch Tiger and Pooh and all the good kid programs for free, just as easy as pushing a few buttons.
  18. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    Love the TV. 37" flatscreen 1080p w digital cable. Also love the DVD's. I watch way more TV in the wintertime. Not a cold weather person.
  19. flatwater

    flatwater Well-Known Member

    I like TV only because I have one. If it breaks I probably won't get another. Doing away with my computer would be a lot harder because I use it for so many perposes.
  20. Backwoods

    Backwoods Out In The Sticks

    I've got one but it's mostly used for DVD's and tapes now. I don't care for network tv at all. We had Dish Network for awhile a couple of years ago but nobody here cared about it so we just cut it off.

    I'd rather be reading, on the computer surfing or even better be outside breathing fresh air and engaged in something meaningful.