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Hi all

I picked up a cheap generator 110v/220v outlets and was wondering if there was anyway of removing the engine component and replacing it with another (free)source of power such as windturbine power to excite the whole process instead of it being dependant on the petrol engine!?

its a honda engine apparently capable of around 4kw of juice and other than its an ec2500 cx i dont now much about it!:(

I brought it cheap because the previous owner was slow!!and didnt realise it was not producing power because one of the two brushes was snapped off and the other was most likly too small!
I have a guy making a replacement set of brushes and if that gets the spark back into the sockets then i am looking for other source methods bar the petrol combustion side of the magic!!

would the componants work connected to a windturbine so the blades produce the spinning motion?

maybe im off in lar lar land but it seems like a nice setup for a tranfusion into a turbine or am i going to have problems(too little power/too much)

would i have to reconfigure the windings in the stator etc etc??

any help id happiley take folks

many thanks


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Well it seems the brushes are not the problem:(

i am not getting any power still and i see no spark around the brushes during testing so im left with two possibilitys..

the spark unit
or the gaps in the big round bit inside the field as i know the brush tracks are clean and a1.

Thanks for the input guys about the windturbine and thats taken onboard !:)
with regards to the water system ,i have a small highland stream beside the house that runs all the time but i dont consider it strong enough to provide the right input to produce good output!(i have considered rigging a smalltime motor system to run my garage lights from it but i was preocupied with a vawt system to catch the wind that rushes through a windtrap area past my house(above garage)to run backup systems of my house or store in batterys..

i live below a very large hill leading to a mountain and the wind rushes through an area alittle like water through a trench and the rest is disturbed by the hill:(around 5-7.8 wind speed estimates)

was looking at building a vawt ontop of the garage roof to trap the wind in this funnel area and using rubber mounts for vibrations and wall supports as strengh..

the genny i will most liky keep intact(when fixed)and add it into the house via a tranfer switch system in the fuse box..

its amazing how we are all dependant on flicking a switch for power untill its out and then its back to an era we are just not prepared for anymore(bar having candles/gas camping cookers etc):):)
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