turn well over to manuel power

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  1. wolfwhisper

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    I dont plan on getting solar power. my question is how do I convert my well over from electric power over to manuel in order to retrieve water from well when the shtf.:confused: could use any and all help. can do the work myself just need to know how. not afraid of hard work.
  2. backlash

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    Here is one way but it's not cheap.
    I would like one but not bad enough to spend the money.
    Bison Hand Water Pumps

  3. wolfwhisper

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    thank you for the info just what i was looking for. yes is a little pricey but cheaper then installing solar panels on your pump house. something like that for me well be to put back a little at a time , to pruchase. thanks bunches for your help:wave:
  4. Tirediron

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    If you look around on this site a bit there is a link to Drummrunners site, there are all kinds of solutions on it, one is for a foot valve pump , if you are not too deep it is cheap and relatively easy :scratch
  5. JeepHammer

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    Check out places that sell to the Amish.
    I purchased a high lift MANUAL pump (for deep wells) made out of all stainless steel for about $350.

    If I have to, I can pump water, but I REALLY don't want to,
    So one of the things I did when we went solar is buy up 'Repair' kits for the current pump,
    And I purchased a second pump that sits in the corner.

    If I can't re-gasket/seal, put in new springs and check valves (Balls) and get the primary pump working in about a day,
    Then I drop the second pump in until the first one gets fixed and takes the 'Back-Up' position.

    Most of the pump problems are in seals, valves, seats, impellers, ect.
    And the 'Master Repair Kits' cover all that,
    Usually for less than shipping & insurance will be to get your pump serviced...

    Mine has been in place for 7 years with only one 'Issue',
    Pipe that came out of the well head wasn't protected and rubbed through, creating a leak...

    Splice kit for the pressure line and about two hours and I was back working again,
    But I wonder how much water that thing pumped out before I found it!
    The water didn't matter much, other than it soaked the crap out of a dirt driveway,
    But how many hours did the pump run continuously...?

    I have two pumps, two repair kits, and as soon as I see this pump is no longer offered by the manufacturer, I'm going to either get more full rebuild kits, or I'm going to get a more modern pump in put it in rotation...
  6. tommu56

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    my cabin is off grid and I run a grundfus sqflex pump at 450ft
    It runs off the inverter but doesn't have inrush like a standard submersible pump.

  7. WaterMaestro

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    Try a FloJak pump. Its affordable even in a complete kit that will pump 250 feet above static. You can get a handle kit to cut the work. its at Flojak its made in Arkansas
  8. VUnder

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    You can make your own. Just use two check valves and take the springs out of them. Put a nipple between the fittings and make your packing there on the nipple. Sleeve it all with 2" pvc.