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  1. Concerned_ Citizen

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    I have to vent. So yeah, I guess im the crazy one. We do not own a single television. We eat home made food, my daughter is three years old and has NEVER step foot in a McDonalds, we dont believe most of what our govt tells us, we are stocking up for possible emergency situations, SHTF scenario or just downright bad luck. We believe in providing for yourself and not being reliant on other people, we live as simply as possible (we sleep on futons on the floor and eat sitting on the floor Japanese style). People come to our home and ask where the the TV and couch are, then look at us as aliens when we say we dont have one........We are spiritual in the fact the we believe there is an some sort of "higher power" just not quite sure what yet, We allow strangers we just met from other countries stay at our home, we drink raw milk, we like to hang out with the Amish folks around here, gather knowledge, I beleive in peace yet want to own as many guns as possible, want to learn about said guns, want to hook up a wind mill etc.........

    The more I learn and tune in to what seems to really be happening, makes me want to drop out of this "society" turn Amish and disappear.......

    the lady that sat next to me at work told me today she has 11 yes. 11, TV's in her home......i was disgusted.

    When they all ordered Chinese food today and asked me why i wasnt , i attempted to explain to them it was legalized poison for there bodies, they looked at me like i was retarded so i sent them a couple links about some of the ingrediants in it, MSG, Modified Corn syrup etc they laughed and deleted the email without even reading it.

    they consistently call us vegetarians even though we half half a hog and 1/4 cow in our deep freeze.

    driving down the highway see billboards that say "dont hesitate, vaccinate" piss me off

    knowing that one of the MAJOR hospitals in town has a Mcdonalds inside makes me sick

    Driving down the highway seeing strip malls makes me upset. Million dollar homes with ave lifespans of 50 years suck

    We have become such a brain dead, self serving ******** society it make me sick.....WAKE UP! gain some awareness, look around, shove your blackberry where the sun dont shine.....AHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Concerned_ Citizen

    Concerned_ Citizen Well-Known Member

    Seriously though, am I the crazy one? My own father calls me a fanatic because we wont allow Ana(my 3yrold daughter) eat junk food, i try to explain to him it increases her risk og developing diabetes and hinders her immune system..... he looks at us as if we are denying her life....Jen, my wife, makes ice cream, cookies, hot chocolate, pie etc....from scratch, my dad considers making something from scratch when he has to mix ingredients from the box....

    Really? are we dillusional? should we just give in, and come to terms? buy a TV, get 300 channels of nothing, get a blackberry and be on it ALL the time? eat fastfood everyday, believe our govt has our best interests at heart?

  3. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    The only thing I can offer up is try to find a balance that works for you and your family. Don't refuse yourself (or especially your daughter) the opportunity to LIVE because you fear negative repercussions. That said, we also have a child-he's 18 months- and we are careful what we feed him and allow him to watch on TV. I feel that educational children's programming has its place and have seen my son learn positive things directly from the TV. I don't feel you are wrong in any way as long as you are all happy and healthy and it sounds like you are. As for us, we don't see a problem with the little guy eating a hot dog now and then but they will never be a staple of his diet. Oh, and in case you never got to the old health and fitness posts yet, between my wife and I we've lost ~150 pounds in the last year so we are pretty health conscious.

    In short-find your happy place and be yourselves. You're doing fine.
  4. sailaway

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    I'm working at simplifying like all of you have. Over the course of my life, I tuned in, turned on and dropped out. Then I got married.
  5. pdx210

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    yeah, your a freak because you don't buy into the herd mentality or every fad that pops up ...NO you're not crazy
  6. drhwest

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    You're not crazy, but due to the fact that your venting means it's getting to you. I am perfectly happy letting others live the way they want as long as they don't try to force things down my throat. I have worked for the government for over 15 years now and have seen a hell of a lot of injustice, but I don't let that get me down. You just have to teach your kids right from wrong and create a solid moral foundation for their development. It sounds like you are raising your child in a loving environment, so that's all that matters.
  7. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    If you are crazy, then, so am I.

    I disconnected the TV from the wall and tossed away the antenna. I have a TV in my living room that is connected to my portable DVD-player. I purchase a DVD from time to time that will either amuse or enlighten me. For Christmas 2009 I received a few learning DVD's - one from Survival.com (Survival Basics one and two) and another from some group that has a grid-free life-style that created a "teaser" into their lives similar to what our member Lamar has done and put onto YouTube.

    When I pick movies for watching, I normally try to get movies that have some kind of adventure in them. Movies like 28 Days Later entertain, have adventure and they have real-world survival ideas built into the story line.

    With that being said about TV's, I also scratch-make my own foods. If I don't, my body pays for it very quickly. Case in point. Last night, WildMist and I went out for drinks and appetizers with my adopted brother, his missus and our daughter. I tried to pick something that would agree with me and at 4:00 this morning I realized that I didn't.

    I also bake cookies, cakes, pies from scratch (who in their right mind would bake a pumpkin, mash it up and then make their own pumpkin pie in a crust that they also made from scratch - well, I must be out of my mind, because I do!). I make my own candies out of mashed potatoes and my own chocolates (sometimes starting from cocoa, sometimes from chocolate chips). I make my own crust for pizza and my own sauce for it. I make my own stews and chilies. I hunt for meat and butcher it in my own tiny kitchen. I fix my own vehicles instead of taking them to a shop. I have my own metal fabrication tools so that I can make my own stuff (clocks, hitches, racks, wall-art, shelving) and I also have some solid training in blacksmithing / bladesmithing. I have a full wood-working shop where I make all kinds of goodies, trinkets and such (I make a candy dispenser out of old hardwood pallets and recycled CheezeWhiz jars). I also sew, making my own pants, shirts, jackets. I don't knit or crochet .. I leave that upto WildMist (my other half).

    Yup - I must be crazy because I don't follow the norm.
  8. Concerned_ Citizen

    Concerned_ Citizen Well-Known Member


    for the re-affirmation all..........i know in my heart/mind that im not crazy......just sometimes being the minority in ways of thinking/life you wonder.....

    nae-kid.....sounds like we would get along quite well.............would love to learn some black-smithing.....

    thanks guys/gals...
  9. UncleJoe

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    I'm putting myself up for adoption. :D
    I've always wanted to live in Canada. :)
  10. sailaway

    sailaway Well-Known Member

    When you know something in your heart and it wont hurt you or anyone else, you are doing the right thing.;) Don't worry about what the zombies think, those who follow the herd, will never get beyond it.;)
  11. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    Good for you CC. Keep the faith. You won't have much control over what your daughter eats when she leaves home but at least you started her off right! We got tons of flack when we disconnected the TV thirty years ago! We still have one but use it only with DVD's and video cassettes.

    We live off grid and grow, hunt and forage for most of our food. We don't work "conventional jobs" or have running water. We have a composting toilet which is ecologically friendly but we get flack from others in our community and church. "We should get a job so that we can send money to help others in need" (they tell us). We help a lot of people and volunteer at several community service groups. We just don't have a lot of money.

    The thing is that now that jobs are non-existent in our community people are envious of our lifestyle. We don't need much money. We have no debt other than a phone bill, taxes and vehicle insurance. Nor do we have the stress other are dealing with now that they are jobless. The current recession has not impacted us at all.

    Incidentally, we seldom buy commercial meat. We have a friend who is a butcher and he told us he could tell by the livers of animals if they were raised organically or in a feedlot. I read an article in the Feb. issue of Trapper and Predator Caller magazine in which an author commented that coyote hunters who hunt over beef carcasses noted a difference between pasture raised cattle carcasses and those obtained from stockyards. Coyotes initially turn away from the stockyard carcasses whereas they immediately feed on dead cows that grew up on grass and hay. Even the coyotes knew the difference between healthy and unhealthy beef.
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  12. Turtle

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    Not sure if you've ever heard the saying, "Perception is reality" . . . we deal with it a lot at work, but it applies to life in general, as well.

    For the people who live and die by the TV, that is their reality . . . they cannot begin to fathom anything that isn't listed in TV Guide.

    The good news is, the perceptions of the general populous are changing, if slowly. More often, we are seeing articles and stories about people who are suggesting that being prepared is a good thing, and with all of the recent disasters (both man-made and natural), people are being forced to ask themselves what they would do in a similar situation.

    I am with you, in pricinple. You may have taken it a bit further than I would or am able to at the moment, but I agree with your ideas. We never eat fast food, we prepare about 80% of our food from scratch, we do have one TV and satellite TV, but we don't watch it very often (maybe five hours a week). We are hoping to buy several acres and build a simple home in the next year, and get some horses, goats, etcetera. I also pride myself upon learning antiquated skills such as blacksmithing and bladesmithing, carpentry, cabinetry, and stonemasonry. My wife has spent years learning to care for horses and farms and has a degree in Equine Business management.
  13. keepitlow

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    Well, striking the system can bring it down. But most people are not like that.
  14. ditzyjan56

    ditzyjan56 Well-Known Member

    You're in the right place, we won't think your crazy, because if you are we are too.

    By the way Naekid are you married, you sound like the perfect man:congrat:, I'm jealous:ignore:
  15. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I've been told that a few times - but - I imagine my ex-wife still thinks I am the devil incarnate ..
  16. HozayBuck

    HozayBuck Well-Known Member

    Howdy CC
    No you ain't crazy, your just marching to your own drummer, but the thing ya gotta remember is that your life style is sorta your religion, and that's fine, but you wouldn't shove your religion in somebody's face would you? nor would you like it if that were done to you.. in a sense you are doing that when you preach your nutrition beliefs to people, even tho you are right in my opinion.. to a point, your way isn't quite my way but I do respect your way as being right for you, I don't watch TV but do watch DVD's and not educational ones, I like shoot em ups, and stuff like Under World etc..but I know it's entertainment, I don't believe kids should be playing video games all day but an hour a day is fine... I don't live in a peaceful world so I carry 24/7 but I don't try to tell everybody else to do it..I keep my ways to myself... next time your office workers want to order in just say no thanks I have things to do..even if it's sitting and eating your lunch...If somebody wants to smoke it's not your place to preach to them, it's their lungs as long as your not forced to breath it...

    I think you have some really good life choices and I hope they all work for you and yours, march to your drummer and let the others be out of step in their own way...
  17. Concerned_ Citizen

    Concerned_ Citizen Well-Known Member


    your 1000% percent right.........this is something i struggle with....i try to "lead by example" but sometimes its hard to sit back and not say something. But again you are very right.

    thanks, sometimes i need a reminder!
  18. Frenchie

    Frenchie New Member

    That's interesting about the coyotes choice of meat. We now buy our meat from a local farmer - grass fed beef and what a difference! You should check out the movie food.inc; very revealing about the food industry.
  19. Littlebit

    Littlebit Well-Known Member

    Hello cc
    Don't worry about what others think. Take care of you and yours. Life is to short and more and more people are starting to change their way of thinking. Like me I finaly relized that I needed to change just by looking outside the box for once. Given time people will open thier eyes, but its up to them to make those changes. And I bet maybe one or two of your Co-workers have thought about thing you have said, but are to embarresed to say so.:eek:
  20. Bigdog57

    Bigdog57 Adventurer at large

    Bravo, CC! Take your stand, live the life YOU choose!
    I learned that lesson - also have a father who thinks I am 'weird'. I have always been a non-follower, an oddity in 'the herd', the rogue who doesn't follow fashion trends, or try to blend with the 'cool people'.
    So, I am 53 years old, no dept except the 'new' used van I just bought - home is paid for. Good job, doing things with 'old technology' that the younger folks don't want to learn because it's not the newest coolest stuff (I'm a mainframe programmer!), I gradually weened myself off TV - got three of them in the house, but barely watched. Finally realized all I was watching was a couple old series that were reruns and the local news - which I can get online.
    Haven't watched telly in over a month! Do NOT miss it. Got a good 'golden oldies' radio station to listen to. I do watch the occasional DVD or VHS movie - got a good supply.
    I am avoiding certain 'foods' too - MSG, HFCS, Canola Oil, fried foods. Losing weight slowly - the right way! I am fat, no getting past that - but slowly becoming LESS fat! Getting more excercise. Having far less back and joint aches and pains since getting off the 'bad' foods and taking more vitamins and supplements. Not cheap, but a LOT cheaper than prescription drugs!
    Primary transportation is a dual-sport motorcycle, and I do a lot of trail and dirt road riding, and multi-state road trips/camping. Dusted off the old Mountain Bike, got it lubed and adjusted, and got my new bike carrier for the van - can take it down to the 'Rails-to-trails' bike trail now (road riding is UNSAFE here!).
    Bought a good canoe last year - modding it for doing some 'canoe camping' this year. 900 pound load capacity - but light weight for one-man ease of use!

    Dad still thinks I'm weird - but I DON'T have ANY prescription meds, no heart trouble (his side of the family) or diabetes (Mom's side of the family). Having fun, content if not 'happy', in fair health. And yep, an incorrigible 'gun owner' who handloads..... save money where I can!

    I find I am best off when I do NOT try to live by other people's rules. I know what is best for ME. Sounds like you and I are of similar thinking! :)
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