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  1. mdprepper

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    I came home from work on Tuesday at 4pm all excited. It was the last day of work for me, Wednesday started my vacation. Camping trip to WV for the family reunion and to scatter my Dads ashes on the mountains we all love.

    Tuesday 4;30pm there is a knock at the door. My 12yo son fell off of his skateboard down at the community center and they called an ambulance. They thought his arm was broken. Got to the hospital around 5pm, they tried to set the arm in the ER to no avail. He broke both of the long bones in his forearm and one of the bones had overlapped at the break. :eek: They admitted him and set the arm under a general at 11 am. We finally came home Wednesday at 7:30pm. The plan is: splint (past the elbow) for 2 weeks, long cast (past the elbow) for 6-8 weeks, then a short cast for 6 weeks.

    So no reunion, no ash scattering, and a miserable 12 year old for the next 14 weeks. :gaah:

    And to top it all off. I had taken my GHB in the house to revamp the thing and had not taken it back out to the car yet. So, there I was stuck over night in the hospital, without a change of clothes! :surrender: I give up!!!
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    Oh lord, you've had a time of it! Sorry about the ruined vacation plans. Hope you survive the miserable 12-year old as he recovers!

    So...you were going to sneak off on vacation without telling us? *sniffle sniffle* We would have missed you! We would have worried about you!

    Get that GHB back in the car, girl! lol

  3. kristyle

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    sorry to hear your paintful advenrure..best wish to you
  4. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    Now GypsySue, don't be upset with me. I was going to tell you all I was going. I just planned on starting a thread asking what things were in season so I could go picking with my Uncle while I was there.:flower:

    GHB is going in the car today. Along with new ones for the son and DH.:D
  5. GroovyMike

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    very cool that you had time off planned anyway so you can spend it with your son when he needs you :)
  6. HarleyRider

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    Oh man... that was definitely a bad day! :eek::cry:

    We're all here for you if you need us.. and even if we are not needed. :wave:
  7. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    Made it through Day 1.

    I can see that GOD has a sense of humor. Eight days off with a 12 yo in a splint, in pain and my beloved husband gave the child a BELL to summon me with. Somebody in this house may NOT make it through the week:eek:. Did I just "say" that out loud:ignore:? I meant to say, YES, I am so glad to be home for my boy:D.

    Did I mention that the orthopedist actually told me to have him play video games during his recuperation? :cry: Some kind of "therapy" to keep his fingers nimble. I have been cutting back his video game time before this. I just lost the battle:surrender: Maybe I'll try to teach him to crochet wash rags for me:p

    ETA: Talked to my Uncle and Daughter, they will go foraging for me:). Blueberry leaves and milkweed roots and whatever else they decide to bring me!!
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  8. horseman09

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    MD, there is a country song that says, "This ain't nothin." lol I know it's hard to look at some of the more rotten days like that, but hang in there, and compared to what it could have been, just remember, "This ain't nothin". It'll get better (if the bell doesn't ring too often). :)
  9. gypsysue

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    when I broke my wrist 6 years ago, they told me to type, play the piano, whatever I could do, to keep my fingers moving and muscles worked.

    Probably the same for your son! Whew! At least the video games will probably keep him a bit more content!

    I was going to say that maybe all the extra "play time" will burn him out on it, but more likely you'll have a hard time breaking him of the habit! Oh, aren't I just doing a good job cheering you up!

    Love ya!
  10. CVORNurse

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    Maybe turn it into "therapy" only time. Tell him after the splints and casts come off, his time will be severely reduced again, to only x minutes per week. And I like the idea of crochet, just promise never to tell his little buddies.

    So glad they were able to reduce the fracture without opening. Been there many times on the fixing end of it, always glad when we didn't have to open up to fix it.
  11. hardrock

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    When life gives you lemons...Try to make some lemonade! Sorry about the bad luck,hope healing comes quickly. Hardrock
  12. Littlebit

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    Feeling for you Girl and your son. Hope thing get better. Grandmom always said there is always a reason for everything. What that is depends on how you make the best of what is given you in life. :)