tubeless toilet paper?

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    Been used for a long time in commercial businesses.

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    This part surprised me:

    The company estimated 17 billion toilet paper tubes are produced each year in the United States, creating about 160 million pounds of garbage.

    160 MILLION pounds of just the toilet paper tubes?????

    :eek: 160,000,000 pounds of toilet paper tubes a year? Something like toilet paper tubes has to be miniscule compared to all the trash and recycle stuff we put out.

    How much crap does humanity produce? (I'm talking about trash, how many billions of tons? I'm not eco conscious, just shocked by the impact of huge numbers that result from large populations.)
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  3. The_Blob

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    but WHAT will my gerbils play with?!!?!? in a tubeless world :( ;)
  4. rhrobert

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    About time, I'm tired of pulling the tubes out of TP for storage. :)
  5. The_Blob

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    311 million people in USA (2010 est.)
    3.3 pounds of trash per day per person
    513,150 tons trash per day for USA
    187,300,000 tons per year for USA
    1209 pounds of trash per person

    this number has actually gone down SIGNIFICANTLY in just the last decade

    let's blame Bush for that too...
  6. NaeKid

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    I also buy tubeless TP - but - more towards camping. Wildmist has a habit of using an entire roll of TP a day... I can make a roll last a month :sssh:
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    Huh... It seems like the guys in our family have to wrap half the roll around their hand before they tear it off.

    Those tubes are good for helping to start the fire in the woodstove, though there are other options for fire-starting.

    I haven't been successful getting the tube out of those rolls of Scott paper, so I just flatten the roll. We store them in those big popcorn cans in our outhouse.
  8. UncleJoe

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    Yep. We do the same thing. I'll put a little newspaper and a couple twigs in the roll. Works great, especially at this time of year when we let the fire go out during the day and need to start a new one most nights.
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    They made great one hitters while waiting for the school bus.:sssh:
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    So did apples that your mom put in your lunch. ;)