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    If they screw up airport security, with political correctness hampering efficient efforts, what else will agencies botch when we really need help.

    This is my opinion and I present it as such.

    The efforts by TSA relate preparedness as it's a great indicator of how government reacts to a threat. After initial, heavy handed and decisive response, the bureaucrats, political appointees, and careerists take over and botch everything based on the need for 'eye wash' within the realm of political correctness.

    Now for some facts, each one followed by an opinion in brackets:

    People threatened with termination, who resign from other agencies and departments sometimes wind up in TSA. [It's a mystery to us...almost if they went out of their way to hire them because they sure didn't do a back ground check of any value, otherwise more of us would have know about it.]

    Passengers and crew members are better at catching problems for several reasons...[One being it's their asses on the line. Passengers and crew members caught thing security missed. TSA staffers should be regularly pulled off their posts and be put aboard the planes for which they screened passengers.]

    TSA screeners have done inappropriate things with the body scans. They've ridiculed and scoped out sex organs. An Air Marshall, rungs above them, used his issue weapon to commit rape on a woman. [In my opinion, their screening of employees leaves much to be desired.]

    As with prisons and jails, most staff don't want to do strip searches and pat searches, [however, alternative life style individuals volunteer at a higher rate. While it's inappropriate and unfair that shapely attractive women and harmless looking people (like those accompanied by children) are checked more frequently, there's an almost pedophilic preference for pubescent girls and boys, while health, Middle Eastern males are seldom, if ever, checked.]

    Prisons and Jails generally do pat searches that are much less invasive than the TSA ones. [If an inmate got searched like the TSA searches, he'd have a grievance, a lawsuit, and that staff member would justifiably be put on admin leave, pending investigation.]

    The ones which I considered utterly ridiculous was years ago, I was pulled aside for further scrutiny, by a woman who I saw was nervous. She selected me, a father with then three children going to Disneyland over a group of athletic Middle Eastern males, who walked by smirking. Another time I was thoroughly pat searched, and while that young man was professional, his pat search was more invasive than that done on any criminal. [I've been taught and have been taught to do pat searches and this would have been inappropriate under any circumstance...as a pat search.]

    This is all opinion:

    This is all eye wash and nonsense and we're sheeple for not correcting this.

    The Israelis do it right.

    They focus on the profile...if 100% of your terrorists are Islamic males from 18 to 45, then you focus your searches PRIMARILY on Islamic males from 18 to 45...you don't MISFOCUS your searches on stacked blonds and others.

    It's not World War II veterans who are Medal of Honor recipients or shy, pretty 13 year old girls who are hijacking planes, it's the sort who through political correctness waltz through security screening because they're obviously Middle Eastern males, 18 to 45.
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    Makes a lot of sense to me!

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    I’ve been reading all about this ‘new and improved’ screening process recently. More and more I’m beginning to believe it is just a test to see how far the sheeple will let the PTB go in the name of ‘security’. I mean, come on now. What possible reasoning could there be to do all but a cavity search on EVERYONE that goes through airport security??? They do this but have not addressed security measures of anything else like... oh… say... renting a truck to hide a bomb in to drive into a building? Why is not everyone who rents a truck subject to strip searches and background checks and their every moved tracked by radar? What about… ohhh… roadblocks for every vehicle entering a city to strip search occupants and check for bomb materials or radioactive ‘dirty bomb’ technology? Which is more likely to happen? Another 9/11 type of incident or one of the others?

    So, what I feel this is in preparation for is iris scanning or some kind of implant so they can avoid having to do these invasive search techniques. Perhaps the long thought dead national ID card will be a solution to these necessary searches? We sure can’t let the terrorists get the better of us, we are here to protect you!

    Heck, in my way of thinking the terrorists have already won. We are losing our freedoms a little at a time, day by day in the name of security. Our own government is now the terrorist in my eyes. Not only taking my money by extortion but taking my freedoms by force. Sure, that just got me put on some watch list or something (not that I am not already on one) but that is the way I see it.

    There are two quotes floating around in folks’ signatures... People who give up freedom for security deserve neither, and, and… something about the government should fear the people not the people fear the government, something like that.
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    TSA Touch Some Asses :rant:


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    the terrorists are reaching their objectives through aspects of nihilism...the terrorists can only affect so many people, but government can affect everyone, and if you've got idiots running agencies, you are going to play right into their hands. The head of TSA is an such an idiot who has played right into the hands of the terrorists. For the average American who must fly, he is an enemy of freedom...but he won't focus on the real threat profile. Therefore, given his stupidity, and political correctness, combined with his powers, he's more dangerous to us than the average terrorist!

    Let's see...some Islamic Fundamental Terrorist tries a shoe bomb so they take off our shoes...some Islamic fundamental Terrorist tries liquid binary explosives so they go after liquids.

    How about they go after Islamic Fundamental Terrorists?:dunno:

    they're grabbing guy's packages because of the underwear bomber...what are they going to do when there's a butt plug bomber or a bra bomber?:eek:
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    Yeah, I think this is past politically correct BS. But what will people do about it? Are they going to stop flying? Or will they just get in line and believe they are somehow safer?

    This is from Napolitano considering allowing Muslim women to pat themselves down at Airports! | Greeley Gazette but I've heard several times that Muslim women are head & neck only.

    Don't give them any ideas.

    @The_Blob - thanks for the images - I think I'll save them!
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    Putting the T and A in TSA!

    Here are some mediocre leaked ones from another agency, TSA's equipment is much better:

    These are real images:




    Odds of someone looking like that being scanned, very, very high. Actual odds of her being a terrorist, near zero.
    [Likely hoax...hair shows.]

    They're doing this with children, which violates child porno laws.

    Oh, and it's an off image? simply invert the colors:


    Here's what's happened in England. Do you think our TSA type are more professional?

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    Well now I guess it's 'just children 12-and under, and Muslims who are exempt from Security Procedures!

    Obama Gives a Pass: TSA Won’t Touch Muslims’ Junk
    Posted on November 15, 2010 by Ben Johnson

    [in this report is a photo showing a Catholic Nun 'dressed in her Habit' being searched thoroughly-underneath her skirt!]

    CNSNews.com has reported that Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is frequently tied to domestic terror plots has been guaranteed
    that TSA officials will only pat down Muslim women in the head and neck area.

    CAIR said Muslims who object to full-body scans for religious reasons should know their rights if they are required to undergo a pat-down, also including the asking for the procedure to be done in a private place. In addition, CAIR offered a “special recommendation” for Muslim women who wear a hijab, telling them they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck.

    “Before you are patted down, you should remind the TSA officer that they are only supposed to pat down the area in question, in this scenario, your head and neck. They SHOULD NOT subject you to a full-body or partial-body pat-down.”

    Muslim women will likely opt for the not-very-invasive security pat-down, because most consider airports’ high-image body scans a violation of Islamic Shari’a law. CNS News adds, “In February, the Figh Council of North America, a group of Islamic scholars, issued a fatwa, or a religious ruling, that full-body scanners violate Islamic law.”

    So, Muslim women will not be subject to a full body scan or a pat-down on much of their elaborately concealed bodies. Feeling secure yet?

    Add this to the growing proof that political correctness is not merely totalitarian but suicidal. The president made an exception to airline security for protocol big enough to drive a jihad through and applied it only to the adherents of Islam. Roman Catholic nuns can be groped en masse, but Obama rushed to defend the dignity of Muslim women.

    Luckily, Muslim terrorists have no history of using female suicide bombers or hiding explosives in their underwear.

    Consider this just another reason why one-in-four Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.

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    ''Okay, so what's wrong with this picture! apparently nothing if you're a Muslim.''
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    oh, really?

    looks like somebody forgot to do a little thing I like to call "research"... :rolleyes:

    2 muslim women suicide bombers kill at least 37 people in bomb attacks on Moscow metro
    Two muslim suicide bomber women kill at least 37 people in bomb attacks on Moscow metro | EUTimes.net

    Suicide sisterhood: Al-Qaida's female bombers
    Suicide sisterhood: Al-Qaida's female bombers - UPI.com

    pdf titled Female Suicide Bombers
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    UH, Blob, I believe booter was using a weeee bit of sarcasm in that statement. :rolleyes: That's the way I read it anyways.
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    You know in all reality for intercontinental flights we rely on the country where the plane came from to not let a terrorist slip through. If I were a terrorist (Dear CIA,FBI and Homeland security I am not a terrorist I am just using this as an example) I would fly to a 3rd world country that has no airport security then get on a flight to the U.S to do damage.
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    which is pretty much what they do now... :rolleyes:
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    oh, I thought he was quoting the article or the article was quoting a 'source' for that line... my bad :ignore:
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    I've been reading a whole lot about the TSA problems.

    One Security Analyst, and I forgot which site pointed out the prefection of terrorism and how easily things can be arranged for them by government.

    Here's some good points:

    1. Paralleling Col Grossman, an unarmed man isn't security.
    2. Security is best maintained by keeping a flow.
    3. TSA forms of security is a bottle neck with often hundreds of people standing around in very close proximity. The next, natural stage of terrorism isn't to hit the planes, it 'should' be to simply walk in up to the security point, where you can carry anything you can conceal, and level AK's on the people standing there because there's no security to speak of at that point, and they have a target rich environment. It's been done in the past, by the Red Army Faction, on behalf of the Palestinians and others.

    I learned that TSA, in Law Enforcement circles means "Thousand Standing Around"/"Turds Standing Around" and NSA (the National Security Agency) pushes NSA, Never Search Arabs. NTSB, Never Terrorists, Search Broads.


    Testicle Squeezing Agency
    Tit Squeezing Agency

    We're doing it wrong.

    They still do cross gender screening, which is sorta irrelevant because they actively hire alternative lifestyle individuals. In most states and prisons, inmates aren't subject to cross gender searches.

    Under the 'they're not supposed to do that..."


    Serious issue, but humor shows how stupid this situation is:

    Funny: Porn Addict Applies At TSA - TSA - Fox Nation

    These idiots pat search bare skin.


    Why don't men simply do a FART protest? Just save it up, and when they go for the crotch, they're behind you, in prime position, let fly. Trumpet your protest! Imagine if that happened ten to thirty times a day. Patriots would do such a thing. We need some Sons of Liberty willing to be SOB's!
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    ''Oh Really, and someone doesn't know what the word 'FACETIOUS' means.'' BTW-it was a direct quote from the original source, I just did a cut & paste.
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    yeah, I think I just might have touched upon that here:

    :scratch I thought I made it clear (twice) that I was aiming for the article's author, guess not :rolleyes:

    mea culpa

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    Where's the ACLU on this? They're hot about how PRISON INMATES are searched and you can't search INMATES like the TSA does to regular folks...they dropped their suit over TSA. This is the same group that got mad at pat searches of inmates in G Bay when the terrorists were knifing and scarring female soldiers and Marines and throwing things in their faces.