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Toronto Blackout

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Here's the news on my city. I live in the far north end so I'm not in the blackout area.

Toronto's west end without power

It's freaking cold in the City of Toronto, and if you live in a big chunk of the city's west end you may not have power until the afternoon, or maybe the evening. Our Posted Toronto crew is all over this story, and will be updating the story throughout the day.

Blair Peberdy, of Toronto Hydro, said it was rare breakdown.

"It is probably one of the most serious things we could run into," he told reporters, because it involved water which must be dried out. He said the outage in the densely populated area involved up to 25,000 homes and businesses and would have affected 100,000 people.

This morning my wife said we should complete our survival shopping soon including the "-30 sleeping bags. We should get those first."
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@ 4am(EST) the temp here was -15F

we haven't had any power disruption, but I have my genny at the ready with about 1 week of fuel (more if we siphon vehicles) just in case.

food & water running out aren't an issue for months, & I'm pretty certain our fuel supply will be enough... really don't wanna find out the hard way tho

wasn't ice storm-related power disruption predicted for 2009?
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