Tornado near Toronto

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    A tornado touched down in Vaughan region near my city of Toronto. The following is from CP24 news:

    There is a state of emergency in the city of Vaughan after a tornado touched down, damaging a number of homes.

    Vaughan's fire chief is confirming that luckily, no one suffered serious injuries.

    "It's amazing when you do see the destruction and it's amazing that no one, absolutely no one has serious injuries," said Greg Senay, York Region Fire Chief.
    At least 120 families are being "permanently evacuated" from their homes.

    "By declaring a state of emergency, it allows us to procure equipment faster and quicker," said Vaughan mayor Linda Jackson at news conference late Thursday.

    "It allows us to open emergency shelters and access other agencies to provide us with more assistance."

    CP24- State of emergency in Vaughan after tornado rips roofs off homes - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

    It touched down about 25 km's away from my house.
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    I saw this in the news... I hope all is okay with you Canadian?

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    I'm fine. We're very far away from where it hit. My power went out for ten seconds and my UPS kicked in. That's it. The sky did turn all kinds of strange colors and it rained about a million gallons in about ten minutes. So far I hear nobody was hurt or killed. I hope everyone gets their claims settled quickly.