Topkill has failed for BP

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by kyfarmer, May 29, 2010.

  1. kyfarmer

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    Just heard on the news, BP has admitted the topkill method has failed on to a custom cap for the well. Don't know what that's all about. They have a huge mess that will affect the gulf for generation's to come. I wonder what's next.
  2. Littlebit

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    Something smells fishy about this whole mess. I think all this time wasted trying to stop the leak with bull ----! methods is a way to stall so they can cap the well and not lose access to the well.
    If they have they best and the brightess working on this problem they need to regroup and get some rig workers in there to help solve the problem. At least they know how to turn a wrench.
    I have had to work with some of these so called scientist. They are really creepy at times and wont even look you in the eye if your idear works and theirs don't. A college degree dosn't make you smarter it just puts you in charge.:(

  3. NaeKid

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    I have met some smart engineers who couldn't push their way out of a paperbag but would be able to design up some elaborate ways of getting out of that paperbag. I have met other engineers who couldn't design anything elaborate, but could design some sweet, simple products that would do the job, not fancy, but functional.

    And - I have met some engineers who should have quit designing and just become a janitor where pushing a broom was the extent of their engineering skills.

    I do alot of engineering for the oil-fields here in Canada - as well as reverse-engineering. I have taken so many ideas that engineers thought were good ideas and "beefed" them up to actually take-on the strains that they had never calculated for. I have seen so much "reality" destruction of metal-products that before I even move my mouse on my screen, I can see where the point-of-failure is going to be.

    The computer-models that BP is using to design-up a fix are flawed. I can prove that simply - each of their fixes that they have attempted have all failed! But - with each failure, the computer models are updated and they might be able to come up with a fix.

    I am sure that their engineers are quite smart and their computer-models and programs are quite sophisticated, but, as you say there LilBit, we need to get the men who know that area inside-n-out working on it. The good ones who have tasted the salty-spray, the ones who have got their hands dirty, the ones who have bled while working - those are the ones that I believe should come up with the solution.

    I might even suggest having some of the good guys from the Hibernia project spend a little time in the Gulf.
  4. kogneto

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    anyone else thinking engineering is easy at sea level but hard at 5000 feet below the surface?