Too Much Government in the Gulf

Discussion in 'Politics' started by alanz, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. alanz

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    Awesome summary of the gulf oil situation.

    Congressman Ron Paul - Too Much Government in the Gulf - Texas Straight Talk
  2. Knotted

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    I think the first word sums it up "sadly"

  3. kyfarmer

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    The mess has just began, before this thing is over ( if it ever is ) they will want paper work on every seed ya put in the ground. For your safety of course. State's need to grow a set and do what need's to be done and tell the bomites to take a hike. Mr. Paul has been warning everone for years this mess was coming.
  4. Bigdog57

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    Y'all notice that the Gulf Fiasco has diverted all public attention from the kenyan's birth question? Nothing like a good (oily) smoke screen....... ;)

    Mr. Emmanuel was right......... Don't let it go to waste....... :eek: