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    I have friends (Americans) that are currently working and residing in Tokyo. All of them are males in their 30s, with a wife and at least one child.

    This disaster is starting to play out worse than initially reported. Especially the situation with the nuclear reactors. I have my two cents, but I'd like further input. Here are my initial thoughts.

    1. If one or more cores melt down panic will spread with prevailing winds.
    2. Evacuation may not be an option, or it may be an option that realistically needs to be delayed.
    3. Be prepared to dig-in for a sustianed period.
    4. Stockpile lots of water. Anything you can hold water in, from used soda bottles to 5 gallon buckets.
    5. Staple foods that do not need heat to prepare.
    6. Vitamins
    7. Energy sources. Matches, lighters, sterno, batteries.
    8. LED, battery powered lighting.
    9. A 2x4 to secure your front door. The Japanese are not prone to violent crime, but desperation can turn anyone.
    10. Pick up some iodine pills if you can. They are cheap, take up no space, and can be used in the case of radiation exposure.

    Obviously, the list could be limitless, but I'm trying to identify the "must haves."
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    Do iodine pills really work? What exactly do they do when you are exposed to radiation?

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    You'd be better off telling them to find some good miso and make some cool to lukewarm broth from it as rescuers during the rescue of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who drank miso and miso soup had better survival rates than those who didn't.*. It is better at ridding the body of radiation than other remedies.
    Also in Chernobyl they found that families that drank Kombucha** also had lower radiation/radiation side effects than those that didn't.

    *Japanese doctor Shinichiro Akizuki, director of Saint Francis Hospital in Nagasaki during World War II, theorized that miso helps protect against radiation sickness.
    **Dr. James Howenstine -- Superb Probiotic Substitute From Russia
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    so... basically eating/drinking foods already high (Miso has a salt content of 14%-18%)in iodized salt (yes, it's been around since ancient Greece, yet wasn't spread worldwide until the 1820s after a cheap iodization process was developed in Cleveland Ohio) does the same thing as an iodine tablet (places higher levels of non-radioactive iodine in the system so that the thyroid doesn't absorb the irradiated iodine)? :D

    good to know, but if you can get the pills I still think it's a good idea "just to be sure" ;)

    and they keep telling us a high salt diet is bad for you... :rolleyes:

    (I've got to try to laugh at something, otherwise I think I might cry... and not be able to stop)
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    Salek, Blob is right. I'm not sure of the ins and oputs of it but iodine does something to prevent thyroid cancer after rdiation exposure. I'm not sure what exactly it does or if the thyroid is particually vulnerable to radiation or what. I'll be looking into this later (Google search) and try and get a better answer.
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    Been looking it up myself today. Your thyroid doesn't know the difference between good and bad Iodine. So you take the Potassium Iodide to saturate the thyroid so it doesn't uptake the radioactive Iodide and cause thyroid cancer years down the road.
    I was listening to the news yesterday and they talked about the "thyroid epidemic" post Chernobyl. And how the surrounding countries that gave their citizens Iodide tablets to take as soon as they got wind of what was going were faring much better than the Russians, who tried to cover up the accident at first and delayed treatment.

    However we need to remember that all this does is protect the thyroid. It does nothing to counter the other effects of radiation exposure.

    Here is a link to the CDC website info about KI.

    BTW, if you do not already have the Iosat tablets, it is probably too late to get them right now. Amazon is sold out, is sold out. Shane at is sold out, although he does still have vials of KI that you mix with a liter of water to provide 200 adult/ or 400 child doses.
    You can still get the KI tablets on amazon, but the strength is such that you need to take 4 tabs instead of the 1 Iosat.

    A good prep to have on hand no matter where you live. And cheap in the face of what happens if you do not have it and need it.
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    One thing tho--Miso is made with sea salt no iodine added-iodine added to any ferments inhibits the fermentation processes. the research indicates the fermentation produces several different variations of Lacto bacilla that are good for promoting high immunity in your intestines and helping your own system to repel the effects of radiation and help it heal.
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    For Iosat, it's listed as being available (sold by) CVS pharmacy so you may want to try your local store.