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  1. wagunburner

    wagunburner New Member

    Does any one know how to store copenhagen (snuff) for any length of time other than the ice box?

  2. dukman

    dukman Greenhorn

    I don't know... why does it go stale? You would need to find that out first before knowing the cure. Would putting it in a vacuum bag with some dissectant help at all?

  3. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    I don't know about snuff, but I buy tobacco for cigs in 1lb bags and make my own. I emailed the company and asked them about the shelf life of their product. They tell me if it is stored in a cool dark place, it will stay fresh for years. I'm inclined to think that snuff would store just as well but you may want to ask the company that makes it. In Pa. we're about to get a huge price hike in the form of a 200% tobacco tax. :eek: My $12 bag ( which makes 2 cartons+) is going up to $38 on 4-1-09. I plan on having at least 50lb in storage by the end of the month. I sure hope it keeps as well as they say.