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Tobacco, Wine/Spirits

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So I see a lot that tobacco and alcohol will be great barter items. I was thinking about purchasing some of these items soon, but not sure where to even start. As an occassional smoker myself, I've got my supply. I was leaning towards maybe picking up some of the canisters of tobacco for trade. Their cheap here, I think about 10 bucks a canister. So I thought maybe 6 cans of different flavors. Most already come with papers and rollers, which would help in any trade. I also thought about getting a couple pounds of pipe tobacco, but keeping it fresh without the fancy boxes could be difficult. How much do you keep in supply?

As far as alcohol goes, I picked up a case of 12 cheap Boone's Farm flavored wine. On spirits: Besides drinking, alcohol has many uses already. What I'm not sure about is how to buy it. Maybe by the gallons (which is cheaper), or something a bit more compact by pints.

What are yalls views on stocking these? I'm shooting for a year supply.
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Awesome Turtle! thnx everyone for the comments. The Boone's farm was more for us. With a frozen chill, it basically tastes the same as my $15 bottle wine. My grandpa actually makes wine, and I hadn't thought about needing my own bottles to refill. I would only take consumable products from people I would trust always also. There's a local here that makes a good moonshine, and you gotta bring ur own jar. I picked up 2 cases of mason jars for just in case...those will make nice whatever jars. :)
Wow, lot's of stuff. Well let's see...A friend of mine says that he grew tobacco before. The hummingbirds like it. Rootbeer Beer doesn't even sound good. I've never been to Cuba and haven't even heard of anything from there, but I don't have the means to purchase absolutely everything that I will or might need. Trading a bottle of vodka in the middle of a field for a bag of baby items they had in their attic, may be something I need to be aware of.
So I went ahead and picked up some store bought tobacco and have gathered the supplies for making my own wine (easy since grandpa makes his own since he was like 16). Along some other investments in this area. I'm still lacking growing tobacco knowledge and time is creeping faster than usual for me to reach my goal before the new year. Ive picked up a few of each, Rum, whiskey and vodka for ourselves and barter in different sizes. Store bought stuff will be Good as a quick heads up for barter before moonshiners start coming out of the woodwork. I left tobacco sealed in orig packing and added to some things like matches and filter tips.


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hillobeans said:
I'm not sure that storing Top tobacco is the best choice. It's already dried out when you buy it- I can't imagine what it'll be like in a couple of years. Drum tobacco (or American Spirit, although I don't know if the lack of chemicals would help or hurt it's longevity) might work out a little better, although it is more expensive.
I've actually smoked some Top that was nearly a year old. It had been pushed behind a dresser from DH cousin when he stayed with us. It tasted fine (as cheap tobacco goes. Lol!), and it was opened and the bag was only rolled up. I was thinking about getting it in canister, if I were wanting to barter for larger items. But the local canisters here are like cardboard. So I'm not sure they would last longer or not. Whereas buying it in the bags, I didn't open the original package that the tobacco bag is in. I got 2 dif brands of tobacco and then them in menthol and regular. I also picked up some pipe tobacco and sealed the same way. But, these are all just for trade. I'm hoping to pick up some chewing tobacco soon.
WWhermit said:
Regarding pipe tobacco. I'm a dedicated pipe tobacco smoker, and this is a proved way to preserve pipe tobacco for years and years.

Clean mason jar, microwave with water for about a minute, to heat the jar itself up. Dump the water out, put the tobacco in, and put a clean (simmered in hot water) lid on. Secure the ring. The cooling air should create a vacuum in the jar, pulling the pop-top of the lid down.

I have 30 pounds of pipe tobacco stored this way, and this tobacco will stay fresh for many years. In fact, most get better with age, except the "flavored" type. Half and Half, Carter Hall, will stay good for 25 years, no problem.
Would just vacuum sealing it in the jar work, or do I need the moisture in it?
This is great info guys! Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to buying next week without hesitation. I got out my ol pipe and tobacco this evening and the tobacco was all dried up, but its been about 2 years since I even smoked out of my pipe. Pretty much used it til it was well seasoned and put it away. Lol!

Coffee was one of the first things I picked up when I started bulk prepping. However, I do need to jar some up into smaller portions. I do believe that coffee will be a much needed barter if not available so easily. Since I'm the only coffee drinker in e house, it's pretty easy to keep it in stock with little rotation. :)
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