To my Canadian friends...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bunkerbob, Feb 22, 2010.

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    That's interesting. Why outlaw .32 or .25?

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    Hey cool ...

    They even name the company that I used to work for .. sweet!
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    Don't know for sure. Probably because they are "preferred by criminals." They aren't popular rounds for small game/large game or defense so have no "legitimate use" except for killing people. (Sounds a bit like the "assault weapons" argument doesn't it!) It would be easier to pit the "responsible" gun owners against those with these nefarious know, divide and conquer. (Kind of like "sportsmen" dividing over legitimate uses for military type rifles.)

    Also, they didn't ban all handguns, only those deemed "bad." (Kind of like the arguments heard over here too!)

    The lesson? Never register any gun you wouldn't want the government to take from you.

    Do you trust our government? Ask that question to someone on an Indian reservation.