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    Dr. Tim Ball is a guy who actually believes that Global Warming is a farce. In today's local paper, he is featured stating "World's Been Fooled - Global warming hypothesis doesn't meet basic test of science".

    He goes on to say that "Instead of trying to disprove the hypothesis, most funding came from government and was directed to proving it. Worse, government agencies at all levels from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN (United Nations), down to individual departments, accepted the hypothesis as proven".

    Even more amazing he says "The process was aided by mainstream media who, without understanding the science, allowed their political bias to dominate."

    Finally "Even those who don't understand the science see the illogic in claims the colder weather was due to global warming".

    I tried to copy / paste the whole story from the local paper, but, it isn't available online. The other stories on the same page, the preceeding page and the following page are all online .. just not this one. I will see if I can do an OCR scan of the document and post it fully so that you can all see it.
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    I never believed much in the hype...

    I do, however, believe in the science involved in cosmic radiation and that type stuff. We need to do more to protect are satellites as the sun is about to awaken once again. Which would cause a quicker widespread panic anyways? The slowly rising sea level (10-20ft over 30 years), or losing all the stuff we take for granted nowadays that is relayed between satellites in the matter of months due to solar storms? Someone told me yesterday that scientists believe some of the GPS satellites for example, could start failing before too long :eek:

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    Another reason to learn how to use traditional devices - compass, maps, sextant - etc. I have to admit, I have never used a sextant - but, compass and maps many times, and, with that being said, I don't think that I have ever been lost in the bush - even without compass or map.
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    Got it scanned - could not get the OCR to work properly. Attaching .jpg to message.

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    isn't solar activity still on the decline?

    Ray of hope: Can the sun save us from global warming? - Science, News - The Independent

    The first sunspots of cycle 24 weren't even seen until april 2008.

    Does this mean a new 'little ice age'? I don't know, but I doubt it

    DOes this mean that there might be coronal mass ejections & larger-than-normal solar flares aimed towards the Earth, knocking out hundreds of satellites? I don't know that either

    I think the GPS sats failing/falling has more to do with their quality & their relatively low orbits than solar activity

    heck, if the international space station weren't continuously maintained it would crash to Earth in 3 years... orbits decay, fuel runs out
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    Global warming and impending doom from the sun are getting media attention because it makes good copy. It is easier to quote some one that to go out and dig up real newsworthy stories.
    John Coleman says theat there is no such thing as global warming from what earths reidents are doing. It is all part of a 400 year weather cycle.
    All of it is hype without any real proof. Sure they will throw up charts and graphs. as proof. But never where the information came from and if the people making these charts and craphs really know anything. A bunch of letters behind one's name means nothing. They never tell you anything about who provides this information and if the have any experience to back up what the claim.
    Who is John Coleman. He is one of the worlds leading meteroligists and founder of the Weather Channel.
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    Reason enough w/o it

    Hmm. Well, the ice caps are not melting for their own amusement.

    There is reason enough to change our lifestyle w/o "global warming". Whether its true or not, look at:
    • the pollution levels
    • health in big cities w/ little pollution controls (Mexico City)
    • how much water is unfit for consumption
    • loss of biodiversity
    • extinction of species
    • the tremendous waste of resources
    • shortages in everything from oil to gold to steel to aluminum
    • heck look around.

    All of a sudden, global warming comes along and governments and people in general start actually lifting a finger, but that's about all. Now even coal companies are trying to paint themselves green with the farcical motto of "clean coal."

    I prefer "global climate change" because in the near to intermediate term, that's what people will notice.
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    I think that we all agree that pooping in the bathtub is a poor idea. But MMGW is ginned up to the Copenhagen Accord which will actually establish an embryonic world government. Buyer beware!
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    Ok, I have to admit I don't know what MMGW stands for...
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    Could it be "Man Made Global Warming?...
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