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  1. NORTH

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    Ok, what I'm looking for here is little bits of prep/survival information, maybe some unique ideas,maybe something you have in your BOB that alot of folks might not have thought of, from holistic medicine to made from scratch weapons. Keep it short, one or two ideas per post, lets see whats out there.

    I have in my BOB two packages of Immodium A-D, cause, well the runs can really mess you up,dehydration and all, and who knows when that could hit.

    One roll of 60# firewire braided fishing line, snares,sutures...
  2. UncleJoe

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    I don't even have a BOB. I'm staying where I live and I'm rarely more than 10-15 miles from home. If the MBZ's come to try to run us off, they'll get a little more than they anticipated. We've spent too much time and energy here. We're not looking to just "survive". If things should fall apart, we could have a reasonably comfortable life; if you consider an 1800's lifestyle comfortable. :rolleyes:

  3. *Andi

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    I consider an 1800's lifestyle comfortable...:D I'm like Uncle Joe we plan to stay but I do have a "Tidbit".

    It is best to have an out of town/state contact person. When something happens local it is easier to call 'out of state/area' than down the road. Just something to keep in mind.;)
  4. HozayBuck

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    I do have a Bob sorta when I'm on the road, it's called a Dodge Cummins 3500 :D but joking aside I discovered the Blast Match about 10 or 12 years ago and I consider it a # 1 bob item, I have both styles but prefer the one hand plunger style, these things will start a fire faster the anything short of gas and a match...

    Don't leave home without one!

    blast match - Yahoo! Search Results
  5. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    We're pretty much the same here only we venture a little farther from home at times. (The nearest McDonalds is 65 miles away. Nearest WalMart...80 miles.) Same on the 1800's lifestyle.

    I've usually got a pack ready most of the time that I grab when wandering the woods. It isn't a BOB per-se but would function as one if needed. The contents vary according to the season. Most times its a hydration pack with room for a few items such as Ham radio, GPS, compass, camera, magnesium fire tool, a couple of butane lighters, matches, toilet paper, some granola bars (I hate them so I'm not tempted to eat them prematurely), space blanket, hard candy, leatherman, flashlight (mini-mag with LED conversion), some snare wire, small fishing kit (just line, hooks, a couple of split shot sinkers), a small sewing kit, and a couple of bandaids. In the winter I put it all in a backpack and add traps, larger snares, lures, and a hand axe if I'm trapping or extra ammo, game drag harness, etc. if it's hunting season. Unless I'm carrying a rifle I'll be packing a 44 mag. (in the winter when the bears are hibernating I pack my 357 mag. or 22 pistol if I'm running the trapline). I always carry a knife and butane lighter in my pockets. In huntng season I add a jar (plastic) of peanut butter for survival food. That's when I'm most likely to find myself out overnight in the woods.
  6. ZoomZoom

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    I hope you don't mind but I'll toss out a few at once since I have the inventory document open.
    These are things in my BOB that you didn't mention.
    A kitchen garbage bag.
    Foam earplugs
    Spare prescription glasses
    "hot hands" hand warmers
    Twist ties
    Zip ties
  7. allen_idaho

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    Here are a couple tidbits:

    1. Steel Wool and a square 9-volt battery. Or even a 12-volt if you have one handy. Great way to start a fire when the matches and lighter fluid are gone.

    2. The Atlatl. Learn what it is and practice using it. Sometimes ammunition or a compound bow may not be available. All you need for this is a stick and some arrows.
  8. HozayBuck

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    DUDE!!! you forgot the kitchen sink!! how ya gonna wash your hands before eating??? damn, gotta teach you people everything! :beercheer:
  9. Genevieve

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    you can make your own butterfly strips. cut a piece of surgical tape to the length you need, fold back on itself ( non sticky sides together), snip corners off at the fold and open and you have a butterfly strip.
  10. sailaway

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    My BOB is a stainless steel nalgene bottle, I can empty it and [email protected] or boil water in it. It goes in my bug out bag. A Sylva compass fits down its throat, reading glasses and a NAA 5 shot revolver also go in.
  11. HozayBuck

    HozayBuck Well-Known Member

    Now this is a good idea!! most bags these days have a bottle holder , would this fit in that pocket ??

    I use a military canteen cup to cook in..
  12. NORTH

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    Amongst the normal tools and extra belts, fix-a-flat/slime, I keep a good size roll of bailing wire in the tool box of my vehicle, great for re-hanging exhaust, emergency fastener, very versitile!