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One needs to learn who set the gold standard and who pulled the credit for all the worlds currencies (and the line of command of how it was pulled).
Today still, the value of gold is also still controlled from the City of London. The "Treasury" or in some countries its called the "Reserve Bank" is/are just puppets and the strings are still pulled from London / "Bank of International Settlement" in Berne, Switzerland. But don't just look there. Look behind the curtains of the "Alice and Wonderland" story. There is many answers to many, many questions.
The Depression back then, as is now currently, is staged and controlled, as is the price of all currencies and the price of the gold.
Remember gold, silver & copper are the only true money. All the other so called "money" is only legal tender / fiat money. Search those words in an old Law Dictionary for the true meaning.
Learning is good. When pieces of the puzzle do start to show the true picture of our real world.
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