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    Just some random thoughts that I had last night after I got home from doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. These thoughts are not to do with shopping, but, about a friend of mine.

    A old friend of mine (known for close to 20 years now) runs one of the oldest knife / sword / survival / hunting / camping stores in Calgary and is still doing well enough, business-wise. He normally hires enthusiasts to help around the shop and to take care of customers, sweep-up, stock the shelves, etc.

    Anyway, one of his employees has been working there (off-n-on) since he was a teenager still in high-school. The last time I went in to shoot-the-**** in the summer-time, he wasn't there, but, that wasn't enough to concern me ... he could have been off doing what all young-men do in his early twenties age in the summer-time --- chasing skirts! :sssh:

    So, I was in the shop last night (ya, its a long story) and he was there, but, he had a whack-load of fairly fresh scars up and down his left arm. We were chatting away and he commented about being in fighter-training with an instructor who allows for "live-weapon" fighting - including knives. So, at that point I asked him if he got the scars from training with knives.

    He replied "No, I got them from a bomb."

    Silence in the store - even the fans above my head went silent.

    "Bomb?" I ask him.

    He goes on to tell me that in August of this year, a bomb went off and he got shot three times in the chest.

    Now, I haven't heard anything about that kind of thing happening here in Calgary - it would have been all over the news!!!

    He continued to tell his story that he was in Afghanistan on patrol and a roadside bomb went off and from that point, he doesn't remember much of the next two days. He remembers blue-eyes looking at him and remembers being paddled. Then he remembers England - and from that point he remembers everything again.

    He found out afterwards that the blue-eyes were the nurse as she was pulling his body-armor off to try to stop the bleeding from the three bullets that hit him in the chest. The paddles were from when his heart stopped and he flat-lined.


    He is back in Calgary, healing up, working at the survival-store and training again and is talking 'bout heading back to Afghanistan ....

    Just sharing his story, as I figure that he wouldn't share it himself ... even though his boss (my friend) is a member here ...
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    You wouldn't want to mention the name of that store??, to see if it is the one that comes to my mind :beercheer:
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    I don't have a gift for pretty words to express how I feel,

    I hope he fully recovers.
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    Yeah, pretty much speechless. Good luck to this young man.
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    Could you please thank him for me?

    Being in my 20's also I look around at our peers and see that many of them are much more interested in so many other things, yet also complain of their sorry lot in life, and look at me with (now) undisguised derision when I suggest that they could join the military and receive a lifetime of benefits (tangible and intangible). One of the things I have most wanted to do (serve my country in the military) they all have the ability to do, and none of them even consider it.

    There are plenty of jobs I am already qualified/trained for, that could allow an ambulatory person serve a different capacity... the ADA does not apply to the military, and in most cases I understand the situational liability/impracticality, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept, or our desire to contribute any less valid.
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    Yeoch, that's quite a story. Also, Blob, that's an interesting point that most people don't even think about. Those who want to serve but aren't given the chance. I never served but realize that those who did and do allow me to live the life that I have.
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    I light a candle for this person tonight ... wishing him well and good health.
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    WOW! That is an amazing young man! Please tell him Thank You for serving this great country from my family also!
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    One potentially GOOD thing in his experience is he now has insight on his own mortality - something so many younger guys lack. It makes them take chances they SHOULD know not to take. This young man received a gift from God - his life back. I do hope he uses it wisely. And bravo to him for serving! Wish I could buy him a beer.
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    Oh dear! I thank God for giving this young man another chance at life. We are facing the fact that our son is to be deployed to Afganastian in April. He has been to Iraq twice and the Lord has been gracious to send him home to us.........may HE be merciful to us again.

    I hope this young man in your post, regains his health, and is able to live a full and satisfying life! TYJ :congrat:
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    :beercheer: :thankyou: :usaflag: :canflag: