This is why we prepare.

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    "People are just shooting each other," he said. "There are fights over food. People are so desperate."

    "Nearly a month after the quake, respiratory infections, malnutrition, diarrhea from waterborne diseases and a lack of appropriate food for young children may be the biggest killers, health workers say."

    Yahoo News, Feb. 9, 2010

    This is a worldwide relief effort underway in Haiti and the worst is yet to come. I will do everything in my power to not be a refugee, waiting for help from well-intentioned people who are simply overwhelmed with the task.
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    You me and many of the others here too! I’m not planning for the end of the world, just a disaster like this, devaluing the dollar or an extended interruption to the supply chain. I have some supplies but my main source of food and water will be grown so it can be an ongoing supply. I have a 60 day stockpile and by then the greenhouse or garden can be producing enough edibles to keep me going for as long as need be.

    I had some friends over a few weeks ago and they commented on my supply closet. One mentioned that I had enough toilet paper to last me two years (2- 48 packs). I replied that if the supply chain was interrupted for an extended period, what would you run out of and miss the most? ;)

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    Only 2 packs of 48? I only have one bathroom in the house (right now) and under the sink I have two-packs at all times and in my little storage area I try to keep 4 packs waiting at all times. :sssh:

    Two porta-potties, one porta-potty privacy-enclosure.

    I agree with you MtnMan - that is why I prepare, I won't trust the system to keep going. Too many variables that influence the system that can bring it to a major slowdown or even a full crash. That is why I "train" with all kinds of long-distance winter-sports, with hunting, camping, off-roading, hiking, mtn-biking, butchering, welding, cooking, sewing ...

    I envy you and some of the others here that are already grid-free because you are just another step beyond where I am at, but, daily, I am getting closer :woohoo:
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    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    Where we live the phone coop will run a phne line anywhere for a $60.00 new service fee. The electric co. coop charges by the foot. One guy who moved here paid $34,000.00 to run electricity about a mile to his house. He could have set up a premier off grid power system for a lot less than that and he still has to endure grid shutdowns.

    Our progression into off grid electricity was easy for us since we began with the intention of living totally without electricity and we determined that no matter what "improvements" we made we would make absolutely sure we could thrive without electricity. We have no dependence on electrical power at all.

    I think it would be difficult for someone to go from grid electricity to off grid because they would always feel somewhat deprived. With us we felt good about it because we started here completely without electricity. (If that makes any sense.) We both had extensive off-grid/non-electric living prior to getting married so the initial move here to a non-electric life was not difficult.
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    A disaster like this would be end of the world for many people. Haiti was a **** poor 3rd world country before... what are they now?

    There really isn't a downside with prepping particularly being self reliant it cost much less than being tied into our consumerist society.
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    Just read a little bit from CTV news:

    I just love the part that I bolded ...
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    Hello friends.......what I haven't mentioned before is that I am from Cuba where to find a straight nail on the road is like finding a five dollar bill here in the states and where to have a bottle of aspirin it makes you a doctor.

    Where many here are getting ready for WTSHTF the Cuban people have been living under those conditions for over 46 years.

    I am very, very, very soory to tell you that the conditions here in the states will be a hell of a lot people in Cuba had five to six years to mentally get ready for what was to happe.......they were helped by the fact that they didn't have much to start with.

    Here in the states, the land of plenty, the American people are so spoiled that if they don't have their "Star Buck" coffee in the morning is like the end of the world for them.

    Someone mentioned the fact that they have food for "six months"...hallelluya brother because you will be safe like for two weeks.

    And toilet paper? it covers a wall of my four car garage with rolls of toilet paper.......1870 rolls.

    Part of my inventory 50 cans......sugar 500 lbs......rice 1,150 lbs....... blk beans 450 lbs........salt 400 a lot more.

    From the movie "The Book Of Eli"......"We just to throw things away in the old days that we are now killing for"

    I had a long talk with my family in Cuba and they told me what was needed the most...........EVERYTHING.

    Because there is always something else to co I coined the following....... "To be ready is not"... Ponce
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    I can't speak for now, but I was there in the 60's and it was no different, this quake only brought the blow dried media puffs into the picture, As a young Marine I had been a few places but never had I seen such squallier and filth and the kids!! I've seen hungry dogs in better shape... so we did what all US military grunts have always done, ,we fed them our c rats...I never saw one kid wrinkle up a nose at the Ham and MF'rs... or the John Wayne crackers....

    It was something I've never forgotten and now after all these many years the world turned, man went to the moon and things are still the same there... Hell maybe we should just take over the world, give everybody liberty and ..... naaaaaaaa would never work coz the same bastards we have running this country would run that...