This Is Pathetic!

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  1. UncleJoe

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    And these are the folks that elect are leaders. :gaah: :surrender:

    I could’ve also titled this piece “Cringe-Worthy” and “Mind-Numbingly Painful to Watch.” Um, the video you’re about to see is that awful for two reasons: 1) It’s a clear reminder that we’re losing our ethos and heritage as a country and 2) Wow, oh wow, our education system is quite the disaster. So here’s the deal: On the cusp of the Fourth of July, late-night comedian Jay Leno filmed one of his usual “Jaywalking” segments, this time testing the historical knowledge of Americans on… American history… in light of America celebrating her triumph over tyranny.

    Alas, the stupidity is all there…

    America gained independence from… Greece! Martha Washington sewed the first American Flag! Winston Churchill was the general who led the Revolutionary War! There were 30 original colonies! America came to being in the year… 1922! (That gem, mind you, came from a college professor. Seriously.)

    This Leno clip may be funny, but as you’ll see following the video, the answers contained therein really do mirror the dumbing down of the American mind. See for yourself.

    Watch the video clip here.
  2. mosquitomountainman

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    Good thing Grandpa was around! Obviously education was taken more seriously in his day.

    Perhaps if the government wasn't in charge of education people would actually get one!

    I'd like to say these people were the exception but I went to college late in life and these people are very close to the norm. Many of them went on to be teachers and to work in the media. Both are places where people want to influence and "educate" others. I'll bet every one of those interviewed voted for President Odummy.

    We are in serious trouble as a nation.

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    And all those people vote and breed.
  4. catsraven

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    Quick kill it before it spreads. Oops to late!! :gaah:
  5. UncleJoe

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    A college professor that doesn't even know what year independence was declared. :eek: :gaah:
    What school did these people attend?!
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    This is sickening. No wonder that this country is headed the way it is. I love America but the way its going it may not last much longer. The founding fathers would cry if they were alive right now.
  7. Bigdog57

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    Schools apparently do NOT teach true "American History" anymore, and the students aren't MADE to learn it.

    Bet they know the life histories of all the political activists though........ :eek:
  8. mdprepper

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    I bet they could answer the truly important questions in life:

    What did Snookie say about tanning taxes?
    What was Lyndsey Lohan doing last night?
  9. UncleJoe

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    And anything that has to do with sports, Hollywood, or reality TV. :rolleyes:
  10. mosquitomountainman

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    Don't forget social issues ... special rights for some groups ... I'm okay, you're okay ... "tolerance" (unless, of course, they disagree with you) ... there is no truth, only opinions and all are equally valid (again, unless they disagree with yours) ...

    I think the biggest danger I saw in college was a complete ignorance of basic logic. Simple things like the law of non-ctradiction: "if there are two contradicitng statements one can be true and the other false, both can be false but both CANNOT be true."

    Another: major contradiction in logic is the Red Herring: If you can't support an argument with facts then bring up a distraction (usually name calling and sarcasm) to change the focus.

    There was also a prevalence in the scientific community of "appealing to the future." I loved this one in it various forms. Simply stated it's saying that "we can't prove it now but it will be proven right in the future."