This is going to be the new trend.....

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  1. UncleJoe

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    Nothing new there. We got a notice from Comcast back in '09 explaining there metered rates. I don't remember the exact number but if you go over, something like 250GB per month, there is an overage charge. We've never exceeded their limit whatever it is.

  2. The_Blob

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    my previous computer originally came with Win98, only had a 60GB HD & once all duplicate files were removed (and nested memory) I never came close to filling it, even when a "supernode" for Kazaa... my 1TB portable HD feels neglected :D of course I was only doing books, not music or movies
  3. Jason

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    We have a limit from Verizon wireless, too, but I honestly don't even remember what it is. I'm thinking it's 5 GB but I'm not sure. I remember the sales clerk saying it's a little over 1000 3 minute YouTube videos as a reference for how much we download and I laughed out loud, saying we'd never get near that. We'd have very stiff fees if we do but so far we have not come close. One nice touch that Verizon does: every time you log on a window pops up saying how much you've downloaded.