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    So one of my co workers comes in the other day and tells me that his wife was the victim of a home invasion. Luckly his wife was alerted to the sound of chrip from the door alarm. She confronts the 2 robberrs in here hall way. Luckly she was prepared and had a glock to meet them in the hall. Well the sad thing is that 1 died and 1 got away. The 2nd crazy thing one of my customers called to cancel his appt with me because he just got robbed. what the hell is this happening.
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    People are getting desperate out there in CA, no?

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    Heard on the radio yesterday that home invasions was way up in our area also. :club:

    Crazy times are coming ... or should I say ... here now.
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    I'm glad she had Mr. Glock for company and had him loaded and ready to go. To bad one got away. Hope the one that didn't, didn't leave too much of a mess dying.

    Had a friend whose home was invaded by two thugs the cops were chasing after they robbed a place. They took him to the garage to steal his truck. His wife was in the bedroom trying to load her 357 magnum. She dropped the ammo all over the floor and became all thumbs from the stress. By the time they left with the truck she had three chambers loaded. They were both very grateful that all the bad guys wanted was fast way out of there.

    They both admitted it was pretty stupid to not have the gun loaded at all times. Both of their boys were in their late teens and familiar with guns themselves so there were no small children at home to worry about.
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    I've been fostering twin nine-year-olds for a few days because... the mother of my friend's brother's children & her new boyfriend just got arrested for burglary, apparently they broke into her own grandmother's house while she was away... :mad:
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    yea.. i found out that they where gang bangers, they are worried about them coming back for pay back. i dont have a loaded gun in my house yet. that will soon to be changing.
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    Revenge? Sounds like they got what the deserve.
    Ain't it funny how zombies think.
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    Another scum ball outa the gene pool.