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    I know nothing about the man who gave this speech or the web site this is on.. I just know I read the speech he gave in Rome and I agree completely... we can fight now with words or later with bullets.. there is no other option.

    Gates of Vienna: How to Turn the Tide
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    The further it goes the worse it gonna get. They don't wanna live like us, they wan't us ta live like them. They prove it all the time.

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    Coot...they don't want us to "LIVE" period
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    Wilders seems to be the only clear-headed voice in all of Europe. That's probably why they are/did prosecute him for hate speech.

    History repeats itself. America's new Pearl Harbor is around the corner and, as always, we not prepared.
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    My father recently circulated another speech by this guy, and included my British BIL in on the convo.
    He sent us this link.
    Revealed: UK’s first official sharia courts -Times Online

    His take:
    The key quote, though, is this one:

    "The rulings of arbitration tribunals are binding in law, provided that both parties in the dispute agree to give it the power to rule on their case."

    "I am never going to be subject to the jurisdiction of a Sharia court in the UK. However, I am subject to the criminal courts of this country, and if I were a shopkeeper I could be criminally prosecuted for keeping my shop open too long on a Sunday. Seems to me that I should be more upset about religious laws that actually affect me than religious laws that don't."

    I have asked for clarification on his statement.

    My statement ebfore his reply:
    "In my America, noone could possibly make laws that infringe on the rights of others. Unfortunately, thats not the way it is. I cant buy liquor on Sunday in my own county because of some peoples bible thumpin beliefs. Gay marraige, polygamy, drugs, prostitution. None of the govts business. Those that scream the loudest about freedom only mean it for those that think the same way they do, not for everyone else.
    Is the West under threat from Islam? Possibly. Only if we let it happen. Sharia law should never fly in the US, but look at all of the other arcane biblical laws on the books? Last I checked, the Sabbath is on Saturday. Now its Sunday. Hmm. If the 10 commandments can be changed, then what does that say for the laws of men?"
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    This is, I believe, the goal of islam. We become them, or die to make room for them.

    Jesus will save us from them in the end, but things are gonna get real nasty before that time comes. Let's just hope it don't happen in our time, but better get ready for just that. No telling how soon it will happen, and it looks worse every day. Seems like every generation thinks it's the end, and the way the world is going now, it's our turn.
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    As long as America was a Judao-Christiasn Bible believing nation it was strong and free excpet for the slaves bought from the black African slave masters who were conquored by islam in the 14th century.Soon we abolished that evil too.

    Roman Catholics from Spain and parts of europe 'Ireland'were kept under control until the latino population grew.

    The same jesuit religian that help to invent islam to conquor Africa 'The Vatican'[ which turned on them once Arica was conquored] is now conquoring along with its old ally Islam America.

    Since the subject was islam but led to attack on christainity ,thought I'd add some facts about the beginning of islam history.
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    Most religions believe about the same. They usually don't want other religions to live. If they allow other religions to live they want to control them. Most religions believe they are right and everyone else is wrong.
    Some go to extreems.
  10. Meerkat

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    Jews and christians have'nt foreced their religian on others in thousands of years.America was founded on freedom of religian.

    The Inquisition and the Crusaders were both radicals.But Protestants and Orthodox Jews only fight when attacked except for a very few sects they don't force others to join.

    The first massacre in America were the catholics killing french Hugonauts'spell'.

    Religian is a family tradition or a way to benefit finacially in most cases.Instead of worshipping God they choose to follow theri traditions.
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    If we keep allowing islamists to come into our country, we will soon be like England and Germany, overrun with people that will not conform to our laws and ways of life. They do not want us to join them, only to outnumber us and kill us all off , period. The loonie left don't face reality, they only want to "teach the world to sing" Isn't that a crock of you know what ?
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    The main difference between Muslims trying to convert Christians and Christians trying to convert Muslims (or any other religion) is that the Christian Bible teach us to convert them with love whereas the Muslim Quran teaches them to convert by whatever means is available including death. Anybody can do anything in the name of whatever they want but that doesnt mean their faith supports it.

    Christ did not come to judge but to save -- next time he comes it wont be to save but to judge.
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    Maybe forced is the not the right word, but as a non-christian, I can tell you almost every time my religion comes up, a Christian tries to "convince" me of my mistake, etc. I wish Christians would just accept I have my faith and move on.

    Please remember that the crusades, etc. committed by "radical" christians is no different than radical islam. There are good Mulsims and Good Christains and bad of each also.

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    Asatrur--you're wrong.
    Look into history of crusades and why they were started. It was a defense movement opposing muslim invasion. Most people forget that most of the meadle east,africa and turkey was christian. Crusades was not an unprovided attack on islam as the media and usefull idiots put forth now a days.
    A radical christian is a mormon on a mission peddling after you on his bycicle ,preaching about saving your soul. Annoying--hell yes ,but to equate that with what muslims do is insane.
    Let me give you an example you should understand. You are a pagan. Right? On this forum you are arguing your points, proud of what you are and what your beliefs stand for. In this country ,based on the judeo-christian philosophy you have as much rights as any other schmuck. In Saudy arabia or any other islam dominated place you are nothing. You are not muslim so you are not a human being. You are not christian or a jew so you can't even be a slave dhimmi. You are as any other pagan,budhist,hindu or anyone else whom islam doesn't list as "people of the book" is simply to be exterminated,your sister and wife to be put as slaves and your property belongs to the nearest muslim.Do you understand the difference?
    So don't feed me "there are good and bad muslims" crap. There are good and bad short people,there are good and bad natives of papua guinea but islam is a ideology --not a race or phisical affliction. It requires you to follow certain principals and beliefs most of which anyone who is not insane or a psychopath would consider simply evil . There are no good muslims as there as no good nazies.
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    No, I am Asatru and I was not talking about the war against Islam, I was referring to the convert or die attitude early Christians often had with non-believers. The crusades were about both. A radical Christian now a days is a Westboro follower or an abortion bomber using your God as a shield for his/her perversion.

    I agree in an Arab country both of our religions are not welcome, etc., but I do not good Muslims who denounce radical islam, just as I know good Christians who denounce bombers, Westboro, etc.

    I judge the person on their deeds and the deeds of those might misrepresent what they believe in.

    Of course, YMMV.

    Oh and by the way there were good Nazis - members of the original workers party before the Christian known as Hitler took it over. Any party/religion/group can be taken over and corrupted. Look both repub abd dem parties. They are not anything like they were in the beginning.

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    Sorry--I saw Asatrur as your forum name and assumed that's what you wanted to be called. I am assuming that's plural and Asatru singular?
    Anywhoo--since you didn't explain what you meant by crusades when you brought them as argument I took it wrong. My mistake. The attitude of christian soldiers in crusades was exactly the same as you are saying.But you are missing the point I was trying to make here.
    Christianity was started based on Judaic principals by a dude that was calling to people to treat each other as they want to be treated ,healed the lepers , helped the meek and so on.It's based on the value of kindness. Islam is started by a thieving,raping ,torturing pedophile and is based on exactly the opposing principals. Islam is simply evil as long as you have the judaic-christian worldview on good and evil--you know, the whole,don't murder,rape pillage and all thing. In islam it's murder,rape and so on.
    The equivalence you're selling doesn't work. When Crusaders forced people to convert it was a mockery of their face and stood against the original ideas of Christ. When muslims blow up a restaurant and force people to join them by terror --that's exactly what islam is. There is no misunderstanding there.
    I was not trying to point out that paganism is not welcome in islam--I was trying to show you the inherent differences between Christianity and islam.
    I am not all that familiar with what nazi party stood before hitler--the term didn't aquifer prominence until his take over so I used it as it is seen now--party headed by hitler and following the principals that came into worldview after 1931. What I was trying to explain with atht example is that we're not talking about judging a faceless mass by the actions of the few. Islam is not a skin collor or tribal name--it's a set of principals that people CHOOSE to live by. They make a desition to be what they are--I have a full right to group them into a group they've made a desition to join. As long as a person truthfully follows islam and it's teachings he or she is what you're calling a radical muslim. THere are no good muslims because any and all muslim that follows that cult is a radical muslim or simply not a muslim at all. Islam has no room for reformation . See my point now?
    Friend --myself as well as most of the people would love to see things as you do and find those mistical muslims that are good--problem is they simply do not exist. THere are muslims that have a good side lol--hell,hitler loved dogs. But if you rape and beat your wife but make really good tea--does that make you a good guy? Life has a tendency to apply a hammer of truth to our illusions .
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    I do see the point you are trying to make and we will never agree, since I have several Muslim friends who are very close to me and I to them and I have never seen the attitudes you speak of, in fact they are more respectful and thankful to their wives than a lot of non-Muslims I know.

    I guess at this point we will agree to disagree and leave it at that.
  18. Meerkat

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    I hear this same thing about the nazi soldiers who put jews,christains and hadicapped to death.They were very good family men at home.

    Its not that you like muslims so much its the idea that you have so much in common with them,both of you hate christians.Every chance you get you spout half truths and even lies about those who you don't agree with.

    All I need to know is how muslims threat people in the nations they rule.

    Taking women into arenas while other women and crowds watch and even applaud the stoning,shooting or beheading of them.
  19. Asatrur

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    I do not hate Christians, some of my best friends and family are Christian. As for the half-truths and lies, please feel free to point them out and I can try and defend if there are any.
  20. Meerkat

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    Why?:confused:You have already done that for us.

    Not only do you never to come to the defence of christians but you also never miss a chance to defedn islam while attacking chrisitans.:dunno: