Things To Be Learned From Egypt

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    10 Things That The Egypt Riots Can Teach Us About What Happens When Society Breaks Down

    The rioting in Egypt is perhaps the biggest single news story so far in 2011. The pace at which Egyptian society has been transformed over the past week has been absolutely breathtaking. A few months ago, nobody would have ever dreamed that there would be huge riots in the streets of major Egyptian cities calling for the resignation of Hosni Mubarak. But it has happened, and now Egypt will never be the same again. So what does the future hold for Egypt?
    ...So far more than 100 people have died during the rioting that has rocked Egypt over the past week. Other reports put the true number of dead much higher. Scores of shops and businesses have been looted. There have been dozens of rapes. Groups of citizens have formed vigilante groups to protect their own homes. These are the kinds of things that happen when society breaks down.

    But could such a thing happen in the United States? Of course it could. Just remember what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Imagine what would happen in this country if a disaster on an even larger scale happened. Would any of us be truly safe?

    Unfortunately many Americans will never start to prepare until it is far too late.
    But for the rest of us that are willing to learn, there are some things that have happened during these Egypt riots that are important lessons for all of us….

    #1 When society breaks down, people look for whatever weapons they can find. Over this past week, abandoned police stations throughout Egypt have been stripped of their arsenals by looters.

    #2 When society breaks down, nobody is safe. Average Egyptians “armed with sticks and razors” have formed vigilante groups to protect their homes from the crazed looters that have emerged during the rioting.

    #3 When society breaks down, you better protect your women and children. At least 60 rapes have been officially reported since the rioting began. The unofficial number is surely far higher than that.

    #4 When society breaks down, criminals do not fear the law. There are reports that at least 4 prisons have been attacked and that thousands of convicts have escaped into the streets.

    #5 When society breaks down, authoritarian governments begin hoarding food. The Telegraph is reporting that governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa have started stockpiling huge amounts of food in response to all the rioting that has been going on.

    #6 When society breaks down, food shortages can happen shockingly fast. As commerce has been brought to a standstill in Egypt, serious shortages of some of the most important basic food staples are starting to be reported. Many families in Egypt only have enough food to be able to survive for a couple more days.

    #7 When society breaks down, respect for personal property goes out the window. All over Egypt shops and businesses are being broken into and totally looted.

    #8 When society breaks down, mobs will start doing some of the most stupid things imaginable. According to Egypt’s top archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, looters broke into the Egyptian Museum during the rioting “and destroyed two pharaonic mummies”.

    #9 When society breaks down, it always creates a “power void”. The Obama administration is calling for an “orderly transition of power” in Egypt, but there is absolutely no guarantee that is going to happen – especially in a nation that has no history of legitimate democracy.

    #10 When society breaks down, often outside influences are involved. The individual being touted as the new “leader” of the protest movement in Egypt is Mohamed ElBaradei.

    Read the rest of the article here.
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    Excellent post. Thanks Uncle Joe.

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    Time To Revisit My Arsenal

    This article made me realize that I need to check my arsenal. It's a good time to re-clean and lubricate my weapons. It's a good time to look over my supply of ammunition and consider adding a little bit more. It's a good time to consider more passive methods of home defense and check out my fences, doors, door locks, etc. Time to repair any of the above that need it, and to get things done that I "haven't had the time for". :hmmm:

    Thanks, UncleJoe. :beercheer:
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    one thing left out

    The one thing left out was , They always empty out the prisons!
    In every country in the world when there was a Revolution, the prisons are emptied out
    This happened in Egypt yesterday.
    That may sound good to people who think they are just freeing innocent people, kept there by despots, but they in reality, they allow the most violent people in there society, to run free with no law to stop them.
    It would happen here too, and it wouldn't be the first time!
    If they have had 60 reported rapes in a Muslim country,and only 1 in 10 are reported here,
    how many non-reported rapes, have there been in Egypt ?
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    Interestingly the Egyptian military said they would not fire on protesters. Hope if it comes to that our own military will take the same position... I'm sure many of them would also refuse to fire on civilians... sadly I fear that a few of them won't.
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    I have to agree with you.
    Most military people will not fire on civilians and I don't believe most officers would order them to.
    There have been and will be exceptions.
    Kent State comes to mind.
    I have limited my range time because I don't want to use up my ammo in case something like this happens here.
    I'm NOT talking about trying to hold off the Army, that would be suicide, just the rioters.
    Thank you for serving Ron22.
  7. CulexPipiens

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    #8 - Mummies.

    Heard that most of the museum and mummy looting was for the gold.

    I'd add in

    #11 Complete collapse of communications. Internet, cellular, etc. all taken out by the government. Either to prevent internal coordination or external broadcast of the happenings.
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    I will add this many members of our LEO, military, reserves, sheriffs dept., deputies don't have sisters, mothers, brothers, fathers, children??

    Unless they are really into zombieism, or are robots...or are brain-dead, they WILL think of these things when ordered to jail or fire on their own.

    Of this I pray.:crossfinger:
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    Thats what the brownshirts are for :eek:
  10. JayJay

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    Maybe so--by the way--Hi Lexington!!
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    I think there will be a certain % of troops who wouldnt fire upon american citizens but I remember reading somewhere a couple yrs ago..that the government of the US and Canada have planned for this..something like Canada sends troops here and vice versa..if social breakdown on a large scale occurs..wish I could remember it but I cant
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    I think our government has about every base covered when it comes to dealing with the great "unwashed"..when they feel the time is right for them.
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    Hi! Is Russelville by any chance near Rockcastle county?
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    the most important thing is don't let anyone take your guns or when the SHsTF, you'll be out in the streets like them--empty handed and at the militaries mercey.
  15. vn6869

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    lotsoflead, that is so true, we need to keep fighting to keep all our freedoms, not just the guns, but the guns may be the last thing we have to fight with. :dunno: If the people don't wake up and start using the power we have in voting.

    Ron22 that is true, the Egyptian and Tunisian troops vowed not to fire on the people. Much to their credit. :wave:

    However, there have been instances in US history where troops fired on US citizens during riots. One such instance was after WWI when veterans camped in Washinton DC and US troops routed them. Good ol' McArthur and Patton were part of the contingent that routed the veterans. And that is just one occassion. :cry:
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    as much as I hate to say it, it might come to using the 2nd ammendment to protect the other nine
  17. vn6869

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    It always has Blob, it always has. :beercheer:
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    If you guys caught the news last night or this morning, you must have seen the story about 76yr old Mary Thornberry an American trapped in Egypt. She didn't want to leave her things or her home. Now by herself she is trying to defend herself with a knife, hot water and I think she said a walking stick against thugs who have tried to break in to her apartment. The US Embssy & the police said there is nothing they can do as her apartment is in the square where most of the violence is taking place. This could be one of us in the near future here in the States. Remember the things you love are not really things. Plan to be safe.
  19. vn6869

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    So true, what material things do any of us have that is worth sacrificing our lives for. :dunno:
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    I forgot to mention, last night as we were watching the news from Cario, half of the screen went black with muslim writing in white, it stayed that way until they broke for commercial and when they came back there was a black ticker tape with white muslim writing going across the bottom of the screen. Did anyone else see this? Was this way for someone to get their message to their friends here in the US?