Things might be worse than we think...

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    When reading this, remember that the only group granted Constitutional level protections and assurances of medical help, food, and safe shelter are incarcerated offenders.

    Indiana State Workers Suggest Leaving Disabled People at Homeless Shelters -

    Indiana State Workers Suggest Leaving Disabled People at Homeless Shelters
    Published October 28, 2010 | Associated Press

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana's budget crunch has become so severe that some state workers have suggested leaving severely disabled people at homeless shelters if they can't be cared for at home, parents and advocates said.

    They said workers at Indiana's Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services have told parents that's one option they have when families can no longer care for children at home and haven't received Medicaid waivers that pay for services that support disabled people living independently.

    Marcus Barlow, a spokesman for the Family and Social Services Administration, the umbrella agency that includes the bureau, said suggesting homeless shelters is not the agency's policy and workers who did so would be disciplined.

    However, Becky Holladay of Battle Ground, Ind., said that's exactly what happened to her when she called to ask about the waiver she's seeking for her 22-year-old son, Cameron Dunn, who has epilepsy, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

    Holladay, a school nurse, said she and her husband would go bankrupt trying to pay for services themselves, so Cameron spends most days sitting in his stepfather's truck while he works as a municipal employee.

    "It's heart-wrenching as a parent to watch it. We are people and they are people," Holladay said, referring to her son and others with disabilities. "They have lives that are worth something."

    There have been no confirmed cases of families dumping severely disabled people at homeless shelters because Indiana wouldn't provide the care needed.

    But some families have been on waiting lists for waivers for 10 years. The lists contained more than 20,000 names last month, and one advocacy group predicted they will only grow longer because Gov. Mitch Daniels ordered budget cuts that have eliminated 2,000 waiver slots since July.

    Budget cuts also have resulted in the state moving foster children with disabilities to a lower cost program that doesn't provide services for special needs and eliminating a grocery benefit for hundreds of developmentally disabled adults.

    Kim Dodson, associate executive director of The Arc of Indiana, said her group has received reports of state workers in several of BDDS's eight regional offices telling families to take disabled adults to homeless shelters. She speculated that the suggestion resulted from frustration among BDDS staff as families become more outspoken about the effects of state cuts.

    "It is something we are hearing from all over the state, that families are being told this is an alternative for them," Dodson said. "A homeless shelter would never be able to serve these people."

    State lawmakers said they also have received reports from several people who were told they could always abandon their adult children at homeless shelters.

    Rep. Suzanne Crouch, R-Evansville, said she found it "deplorable that people are being told to go to a homeless shelter."

    Leaders of several agencies serving homeless people across Indiana could not be reached for comment after business hours Wednesday.

    Some parents said homeless shelters have also been suggested -- or threatened -- as an option by private care providers.

    Daunna Minnich of Bloomington said Indiana Department of Education funding for residential treatment for her 18-year-old daughter, Sabrina, is due to run out Sunday. She said officials at Damar Services Inc. of Indianapolis told her during a meeting that unless she took Sabrina home with her, the agency would drop the teen off at a homeless shelter.

    Sabrina, who's bipolar and has anxiety attacks, has attempted suicide, run away during home visits and threatened her older sister, Minnich said. Bringing Sabrina home isn't a viable option, but the two group home placements BDDS offered weren't appropriate, she said.

    "I don't want to see the state of Indiana hasten her demise by putting her in a one-size-fits-all solution that will drive her to desperate acts," Minnich said.

    Jim Dalton, Damar's chief operating officer, said he could not comment directly on any specific case but his nonprofit would never leave a client at a homeless shelter -- even though it is caring for some for free after they got too old for school-funded services and haven't yet been granted Medicaid waivers.

    "We're talking about youth that absolutely require services, and no one is willing to fund them anymore," Dalton said.
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    "Gov. Mitch Daniels ordered budget cuts" I thank god he did!
    He also wants to put a amendment to the Indiana constitution to limit property (home) taxes to 1%. :kiss:
    This is the result when you run a balanced budget :congrat::congrat:
    Gov. Mitch Daniels for president in 2012 :congrat:
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    All those people getting all those freebies can't keep getting them without a jobs based tax base. We all know any money the state govt. gets from the federal govt. is all comming from China.:surrender:
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    I don't believe anyone really knows what bad shape the US or the world is really in, right now the markets are just a shell game for the billionairs and multri millionairs at the top playing with their monopoly money, when they get tired and pull thier money or China won't lend any more money to the US and pull thier money, everything will collaspe.

    Food growers won't even plant when they find out the money they're getting paid with is worthless.all the more reason to keep prepping and get out of debt if possible. It's just a matter of time before nursing homes and other long term care places will have their funding cut and when hyperinflation kicks in, they won't be able to buy food and supplies with the money anyway.

    All but a few states are in financial trouble. I don't know what will become of all the people in prisons in the US and we have more people in prison than any country in the world. I think drugs will be legalized soon and anyone in jail for drugs will be released first, then half the cops,prison guards, judges,parole officers ect will be let go.Hy way personal are already being layed off.Our main concern will probably be to feed the military and government workers, congress ect. With more people taking out of the system than are putting in, we can't stay afloat.If we don't get 7-8 million manurfacturing jobs back soon, it'll be a fast ride to the bottom.
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    The stark reality is about to come home, some one has to do with out it's just the fact's no one in this country want to face it. With the latest round of spending it was the last nail in the coffin, now the commies just sit back and watch the shell game till someone find's that dang peanut. Then we have had it because our kid's and grand children can not pay the bill and the world know's it.
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    Anyone reading this should all ready know how to grow a garden, kill and butcher an animal, preserve those for later consumption. learn how to do things the way they were done 100 years ago. when the economic house of cards falls it will fall fast, most of the world is in the same boat, even the manufacturing countries, because with no one to export to their system crashes too
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    It's gonna be really interesting to see what the bankrupt states are going to do over the next few years. Since they can't print the money and the Fed at some point will have to stop propping them up (without printing a whole lot more money), they are going to be in a real pickle if they continue to give away free money to illegals, lowlifes and freeloaders (I'm looking west toward CA while I type this). I think they will be first domino to fall. So far the red states appear to be the more solid ones, but I think ultimately they will be dragged down as well...

    *Considers moving to Alaska*
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    The worst part of it all is that despite our economy going to hell in a hand basket, our government still manages to give billions of dollars a year in foreign aid (at our expense). Most of the people that it's intended to help will never even see the money. Imagine how much better things would be if the government took that money and used it to fund job creation programs here.
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    I highlighted the keyword there. The reason we are all here is because we know that we should know how to do those things, but, we realize that we might be lacking in certain areas, or, we believe that we can help others become prepared, hence, lowering the chance of those coming against ourselves.

    I'll agree, this game of Monopoly is getting closer to the end :gaah:
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    I think we'll start to see Nations default on their debts in the next year. That is really gonna make it fun!
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    While it is heartbreaking to think of things this way, I am afraid that if things really did get that bad, most of these disabled individuals would not survive. This will become a "survival of the fittest" situation, and there will be no safeguards in place to prevent the inevitable.

    The whole idea makes me sick, that generation upon generation has done as they pleased and never considered the future generations. We like to fashion ourselves as compassionate towards the disabled, but the harsh reality is that we are not.

    We refuse to address the causes of the increasing cases of mental illness and neurological disabilities, turning it into a political and ethical merry-go-round instead of actually trying to find cures. Why are so many people suffering with these problems? What are we doing to ourselves to make this happen? Or have these conditions existed all along, its only recently that these people had longer life expectancies and their conditions became more visible in the mainstream society?

    Overall, I agree that everyone has a right to life, to be born, to live out their lives as happily and pain-free as possible, but there are LIMITS. We are not God. We cannot help everyone, it is not possible. It sounds so cold, but in some ways I think we have put ourselves in a dangerous position by artificially extending the lives of those who would have otherwise passed, and by doing so creating even more suffering for those individuals and those involved in caring for them. In a "SHTF" situation, we will not be able to continue, and it will be better if everyone realizes and accepts this, instead of throwing billions of dollars at what could very well be an unsolvable, unavoidable problem.

    Just my thoughts.....
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    having worked in MRDD I can tell you that yes, sometimes it is a 'quality of life' issue

    just reading client background information can make you truly depressed as to the callousness in this world
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    I believe you. My husband works at a school for autistic chidlren, and he sees the good bad and ugly with these parents and caregivers. One mother purposely screws up her son's medications and teases him so he goes into fits and she can send him to the mental hospital so she doesn't have to deal with him-she does this every single time there is a break for holidays and most of the summer. Sad part is, he's not even a really "bad" kid, and I cannot imagine how he feels knowing his mother doesn't ever want him around.
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    There's an economic principal that when a countries debt level hits or exceeds it's GDP their monetary policy becomes inn effective and begins to breakdown. We (USA) are 13.6 trillion in debt with a 14.6 trillion GDP we are under a year away from exceeding our GDP to Debt ratio. we are actually well over 100 trillion in debt with entitlements like Social security, medicade, FERS ect but these are held by government as IOU's within government and not publicly traded. Most state have relied on bond debt instruments to subsidize and even run programs/ services many are near or at their constitutional limits these are essentially ARM loans much of the stimulus money went to prop up state governments.

    I believe it will be a rather slow protracted death as government cuts services and increases taxes trying to find ways to perpetuate itself. like legalizing illegal drugs and new laws streamlining and increasing the power of government to confiscation assets, a new round of consumption based taxation.
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    After reading all these posts .. other than saying "oh crap!", I think I need to step my preps up.
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    One guy I was talking to said he thought we were heading for another depression with soup lines and all.
    You should have seen him, when I pointed out the new age soup lines were food stamps and unemployment was running about the same if you count all of the unemployed that fall through the cracks.
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    think about this ..

    in 1929 government accounted for 7% of GDP today it's over 40%! nearly half of our economy is manufactured by government. We had the housing/credit bubble but no one is talking about the government bubble and it's unsustainability and eventual burst...

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    most definetely! We are doing everything we can to make ourselves safe no matter what happens. Still have to stock up on fuel.:eek:
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    I feel pretty good about our food preps, but need to increase medical, personal hygiene & fuel.