They say prep. for the worst and remember the "what if"s

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    Realy, the what ifs have been in my head for a long time now, and most are scary/creepy.

    Now what I think life would be like when the SHTF is this:
    The oil price has gone up higher than ever and a gallon costs too much so the oil and gas companies go out of business, maybe not even that, but in effect the price of energy goes up, and combined with the amount of people loosing their homes forces most to leave their homes or the lucky ones that have their homes are without power. Or course somehow most of the big grocery stores and emporiums run out of money or something which causes them to close. With them closing, people are stuck with no food or shelter, many will somehow die of malnutrition or suicide or even decease that they didn't get a vaccine for. When the mass population decreases, the government tries to take control over everything but can't or doesn't have the people or even supplies to. Now at that point all the stores would be robbed and houses broken into. With that, people will realize that the shelter needed is their an will move back into houses. People who were in houses would either be taking the house apart and using wood to burn, and everything else for other uses like making weapons. After they move back in or even waaaay before, people may start forming small groups with family or friends. Forming in a sense, small tribes and villages. From here the story changes depending on things like the area an temperature and economical things.

    Most of this is from thought. Some from observation, and even more from dreams that I have been having.

    This is my "version" of an apocalypse sending us back to the stone age.


    Post them all.
    I would love to read them.
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    Your oil Idea has a lot of possibility/ high probability of happening , most goods are made overseas , in china etc outsourcing, food usually travels a lot of miles by truck, A major storm in the right place could disrupt fuel supplies enough to crash the transportation grid or net work, road transport is a very narrow margin bussiness, a long enough disruption could cause catastrophic failure. Stores for the most part only want goods on their shelves for 2 days average. so if fuel was disrupted for 10 days things would grind to a halt and chaos would erupt most wouldn't notice until about 3 days in when they saw bare shelves then panic sets in. Grand brilliant plan all this big centeralized infrastructure. :nuts:

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    I haven't been through it all - but -

    I fully believe that "bad times" are inevitable - and they are just about "upon us". I believe we will be in for one "heck of a time" regardless of the circumstances that set things off.

    This is for one simple reason - we have an overpopulated planet and "they ain't making any more dirt"....thus it is only a matter of time til we will out-bred our capacity to sustain ourselves....and we are very close to that point.

    I live in large city - and I look around at all the grass in people's yards..... It is only a short amount to time til the victory gardens come back into vogue, or possible are required by law. I also think just about that time all the low-life's will decide to just steal from their neighbors gardens, stores, etc - and the decent folk hold their ground and say to the lowlife's "NOT HERE" and will shoot back at the thugs and theives of society. When we reach that point it will be THEN that things will get pretty interesting.

    But - I obviously think "it is coming", and it is inevitable.

    However, there are a lot of resilient people out there. I have lived through major hurricanes - and forced evacuations. I have lived where food was rationed, and you had to have a ration card to buy gas, flour, sugar, milk, coffee, liquor, and cigarettes. I have lived under martial law even. I have lots of memories of the people who were there with me at my side going through these crisis the same time I was.....

    Whatever happens - pull whomever is close to you into your fold..... either lead the group, or let someone else. It is best to have different people stand up and "lead" one one project or another. Example - cooking will work out best if absolutely everyone eats same time, same thing. Have a group of people take turns cooking for the group with THEIR own food storage (not just yours) - have different person lead taking care of clearing roads, a different person on detail looking for downed power lines...etc.

    These activities are useful. It is nowhere near as scary to go through something big if you do it with others. That warm beer is a bit easier to go down with that group (if you actually get to have that) when "S+++ hits the fan" and your life goes insane for a wee bit.

    Just my thoughts....
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    Bravo...Brenda...couldn't have said it better myself. Bravo....
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    Well folks, is going to be bad......very very bad, in Cuba is really bad but here in the states is going to be 100 times Cuba they had about six years to get ready for what was coming and many were able to get ready, here in the states almost no one is ready so that what will happen will be made worse not because of what is happening but because people will make it worse.

    Don't forget about the alarm system around your property and around your home.......not even a rat can walk into my property without me knowing about it.
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    over 99% of stores do not stock over 72 hours of supplies. Even in a localized event such as bad winter weather store shelves empty faster. As a truck driver ( I haul bread from a local bakery to a St'louis distribution center) I know how fast it sells out. In a major situation things will get ugly really fast. IMHO self reliance is the best bet starting now rather than later. Stuff like gardening, planting some fruit tree's maybe a berry patch. Then maybe we can weather the coming bad times.
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    It could be that way..I (given my naturally dark peronality) would go for the "Warlords" scenario..might makes right..the strong take from the weak..survival of the strongest and better armed..the fact that his gun is indeed bigger than mine or vice versa would have least in the least that would be my worse case scenario post-shtf