They just don't have a clue.

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    Thought I would come over her after being used as a verbal piñata on a firearms forum.
    My agenda on the gun forums was reloading ammo for bad times and most there found it as a recreation or a blood sport for some of the angry few I met there. Guns for me are just a means of harvesting food and or protection. Just a tool. Not a life style. For us it was for preparedness. And how dare I prepare for bad times when the rest of them don't have the means or will not allocate funds from their frivolous purchases.
    Little about us I am retired from the nuclear engineering field and the wife had a law firm here in a very short stay in Cali. Yuck glad it was for only a year. Both of us have brought ourselves up to prime physical shape for our coming endeavors.
    So were moving back to the mid west. MO. We found a huge home on a couple hundred acres and a barn big enough to have a football game.
    So I'm here for the other end of things like were getting horses again and a few tasty cow.
    I will be making wagons and wheels for as the wife and I see it were running out of fuel soon. Also accompanying the farm will be a band saw mill purchase. This is not just a hobby thing or a maybe thing, this is a we have to do this and failure is not an option. Besides, high end wood working has been my hobby for 30 or so years.
    Looking forward to learning as much as we can here about gardening, como, raising cows, chickens and growing hay.
    Helixx and Lexi Faux.
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    Howdy,nice to meet you.

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    There are a lot of forums where people have banded together in gangs and cliques and will mob you at the drop of a hat.

    Don't matter if it's the truth or BS... all the same.

    Sign of the times...

    That's why I've lived way back in the woods for 35 years and do my own thing with a solar off-grid house, self-sufficient homestead, and, since 2005 - a bunker!

    Most of them I have read from are "cyber-survivalists" that spout off, but don't know sh*t from shinola!

    They can all kiss my fanny!

    - BC
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    :welcome: seems like you have your head on straight :)

    I've been on a survivalist forum before that was nothing but guns, more specifically angry people with guns. They had a forum dedicated to the theory that MLK Jr was the anti-christ and was a very racist/homophobic/neonazi site. Life's too short to put up with that kind of bullsh*t.

    Welcome aboard!

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    I here that! ArfArf com and Snieders Hyde just to name a couple. (You know who I talking about if you been there. ;))

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    Most I have seen don't have the financial means to prepare as we have but look at us with disdain, contempt and consider us selfish that would would not share. I don't look at them that way. The wife and I cannot feed the world, just our little corner.
    Most feel than things can never go bad because they WILL! them not to with their fist in the air. Fee Maa will take care of some say. Ye right.

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    Like to meet some like minded folks living in the area. Feel free to contact us. Although we have decided on taking in 2 couples without children pro bono. We have to sleep some time. Someone has to keep an eye on the wire. ;)
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    Welcome! Sounds like a fantastic set up you're working on. Glad to hear about it!

    Folks on this site have guns, but I wouldn't call them 'angry with guns.' ;) We're all at different levels of preparing, and we're all preparing for different events/reasons. But the bottom line is that we're all preparing. :)
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    Sounds like you were on
    Welcome to the board.
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    About 7 years ago I was and have not been back since. This was another forum.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome all.
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    Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    Welcome, please share your knowledge with us.
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    Are you an aggie?
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    Welcome. Looking forward to seeing what have to share.
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    welcome from Tucson

    Welcome to the forum. I havent been here very long myself, but everyone I have talked with on here is very helpfull. I saw that you have experiance with reloading, that would be a great thread for the forums. There are a lot of folks who would love to know more about the subject. I myself recently bought a Lee Pro 1000, I havent loaded anything at this point because I'm still unsure about it. So any and all info would be great. Thanks and looking forward to reading.
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    This is probably already discussed in detail in one of this forum's sister sites more specifically oriented toward firearms discussion, per se. (Must do homework there myself) What I can tell you from my own limited experience (years ago) is to take your time, inspect every stage of every piece you do for a while until you get that feel for what you're doing. At that point, you may be able to do it faster, and inspect less frequently. STILL keep an eye on quality control though.
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    Never been to Tx A&M.