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I found this at the farmers almanac and thought I would share ... put up as much as you can and be ready ... you never know when 'The year without a summer' can hit again.

After this winter's crazy weather, coupled with the chill and wet of last summer, the more normal conditions the Farmers' Almanac has predicted for the coming season should come as a relief. But last year's soggy summer was nothing compared to the infamous "Year Without a Summer," a weather event so devastating, people are still talking about it nearly 200 years later

Referred to by many names, including "the poverty year" and "eighteen hundred and froze-to-death," the year 1816 was literally a year without a summer across much of the Northern Hemisphere. Throughout not only North America, but also Northern Europe and parts of Asia, an exceptionally cold summer, featuring killing frosts in July and August, crippled food production. Crop failures and food shortages were so widespread that rioting and looting became common in the United Kingdom and France.

More here - The Year Without a Summer | Farmers' Almanac
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